Why People Are Confused And Amazed By ‘Cooking With Paris’

Cooking With Paris
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Cooking With Paris.” After hearing Paris Hilton share a secret about The Simple Life, that is, she played a character in the reality show, fans learned a lot about the real Paris. He recently released a documentary called This Is Paris and, according to Buzzfeed, people were shocked to hear his real voice in the movie, as he had always put the word “baby” before.

While Paris Hilton was still visible, people would not expect him to appear in a game about food and cooking, which is why his new Netflix show made everyone talk. Let’s see why people are confused and completely amazed at cooking with Paris.

Cooking With Paris’

Netflix is ​​known for having a number of amazing food shows, including Michelle Obama’s program Waffles + Mochi. Now Paris Hilton has a show where you go into the kitchen, and you get a real buzz. Well, people wonder what the series is like because Paris Hilton is not part of the culinary world.

Paris Cooking (Cooking With Paris) has six episodes and each has a celebrity guest. In episode 1, Paris and Kim Kardashian make breakfast, Nikki Glaser makes vegan burgers and fries in episode 3, and the final episode is titled “Family Steak Night With Kathy And Nicky Hilton.” Fans want to know how Paris Hilton chefs might also be curious to see her meet celebrities, especially her sister and mother.

When Paris Hilton talked about the person she played in The Simple Life, as people thought she was funny and bored, fans could see that she was doing the same thing on the show. And some fans think that’s a good thing.

At a Reddit event about Cooking With Paris, another Reddit user said Paris is trying to make fun of it and she knows what she’s doing: “It’s funny to me that people look at everything Paris does and think she’s willing ??? that everyone and they love it. “

One fan said he reminded them of The Simple Life: “People who ‘don’t get it, don’t find Paris Hilton playing its caricature all the time. This is completely boring and is not intended to be taken too seriously.

Cooking With Paris Episode 1 “Breakfast in the Clouds with Kim Kardashian Wes”

The dialogue on the show can be a little confusing, especially in the first piece, as there has been a discussion of how big the bacon should be with its egg bowl.

Kim said, “I’m just worried that these pieces of pork are big. I didn’t suggest what they were. Do we want to eat a big lump of bacon in our frittata?” Paris said, “At least it’s not real bacon, it’s turkey.” Kim explained that it would be better to have small pieces of bacon and wonder if she could remove the bacon from the pan and cut it into small pieces.

Kim said that while the frittata was in the oven, she wanted to clean the oven, telling Paris it was time for her to put everything in the dishwasher. Paris seemed confused about what to put in the dishwasher and what to wash.

Paris’s Cooking

Those who watch Cooking With Paris are drawn to the sense of humor you have, as Paris has trouble finding things in her kitchen and may seem confused by what she is doing. People also seem to like that it’s not about making delicious food that no one at home can do either.

One fan felt depressed while watching: they wrote to Reddit, “I don’t know if I can watch this. I’m confused that her hair goes into EVERYTHING.”

One fan shared that they love to cook with Paris because she knows she’s still learning to cook and she doesn’t pretend to know more: “I think that’s why I like it. It’s not fun, and she doesn’t try to look like she has more cooking power than her.”

Paris shared that she enjoys making lasagna because her mother, Kathy Hilton, has shown her how to make it. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Paris said, “The thing he taught me was that I like to use lasagna a lot, but then I have to turn it into” sliding “[one of Hilton’s signatures, meaning murder + life] lasagna – put Paris’s wisdom in it. “

Somehow, the show is adorable, as everyone has to learn to cook sometimes, and everyone feels confused and uncomfortable in the kitchen at first. Cooking With Paris makes people laugh and feel happy, and when they feel that entering the kitchen is well accessible after watching these six episodes, that looks great. Cooking With Paris.


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