Below Deck: Why Elizabeth Frankini Was Fired From Bravo


Bravo is known for being one of the most successful networks when it comes to reality television. Whether you’re a viewer of the real women of the House, Southern Charm, however, Below the Deck, there is no denying how good the Bravo program is.

While many viewers are wondering if the show is real or not, the actors continue to bring in drama, so much so that the fourth season saw some of the Under Deck episodes so far!

One minute was no other than the dismissal of a former actor, Peter Hunkziker for his social media post. In addition to Peter’s shooting, Below Deck colleague Elizabeth Frankini was also given a boot. So, why was Elizabeth fired, first?

Why Was Elizabeth Frankini Dismissed From Bravo?

Below the Deck has been a hot topic lately when it comes to its scandals! While the show is full of drama at sea, there seems to be many more behind the scenes in the real life of the actors, especially Elizabeth Frankini.

The star has joined the series for her eighth season of Below Deck: My Seanna, however, her time on the show was reduced by contrast. During the February 8 episode of Bravo’s hottest show, fans finally saw Frankini being released from the band by the managing director and member of the Below Deck actor, Francesca Rubi, and viewers blamed her.

Ruby says the grass that broke the camel’s back was Elizabeth who slept in a guest house, which is a big no-brainer when it comes to yachting crew.

According to Franklin himself, this is by no means a coincidence. “It was hard to do the hard work on the record and it was hard to watch my mistakes play in front of millions, especially when there was so much going on that didn’t make a final decision,” Elizabeth wrote.

Below Deck

Although he said he was released because he was just doing what others are doing, fans were not buying his story, saying he had never done a “good job” to begin with. Things did not end there, fans continued to give Elizabeth a hard time on Twitter, including her former actress, Ashley Waterworth.

Captain Lee also rushed in with his two cents, saying one of the reasons for Frank’s explosion was his “boatman” and Lee said he would never work for anyone, and alas, he was right!

Elizabeth is one of several Below Deck members fired during the year. Last year, Bravo re-released Peter Hunziker after he posted a racist invitation on his Instagram Stories. The network also releases six members of the Vanderpump Rules cast for the same reasons, including Kristen Doute, Stassi Schroeder, and Jax Taylor, making it clear that Bravo is not confusing himself.


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