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Viewers have a lot of weird ideas about Anne Hathaway, but some fan fiction comes from things the actress says herself. At one point, he called himself a nerd in a conversation, for some reason.

Anne Hathaway Says She’s A Nerd

When Anne Hathaway appeared in ‘The Daily Show with Jon Stewart a few years ago, he declared himself a jerk for one reason or another. Could it be an attempt to engage the audience, as Anne Hathaway was directing her ideas to them, beginning by asking “So these are the nerds”? and exclaimed, “My people!”

When Jon asked if Anne Hathaway had the ability to “pursue bad things,” Anne replied that she did. Apparently, Hathaway considered himself a “Scrabble fiend” to find the most appropriate one, and he was proud of that on stage.

Recalling a moment on Reddit, fans disagreed. The first commentator to share a series of stills on the show argued openly, stating his title “No Anne Hathaway, that didn’t count.”

Some fans, however, disagree, however, continuing to debate the specific meaning of “nerd” and where the name may change. Someone pointed out, “Scrabble is very nerdy, just analog nerdy.”

One admitted that Scrabble is nerdy, “Along with chess, puzzle-solving, pits and monsters, science, math, fantasy novels, and cosplay.”

But not all fans wholeheartedly agreed, and some felt that Anne was trying to be organized in a way that she, as a regular celebrity, was not.

Many fans argue with Anne saying she is nerdy, especially based on the fact that she equates to enjoying word puzzles and being a real flesh. Apparently, some people are offended by his attempts to get into a niche of nerdiness, as noted by Redditors.

One commenter said, “Let’s get real, even though it’s humble, Scrabble isn’t as close as Day D or cosplay.” This would be the general consensus of Reddit A’s people. Built by nerds who call themselves B and B care what Anne Hathaway / her celebrity says.

Some fans admitted that they didn’t care what meaning Anne had in mind when she made her nerd status known; “IMO: Scrabble is a decent thing to do. Especially if Anne Hathaway wants it that way.” All right, superfan.

Of course, this was not the worst conversation Anne had ever participated in, even though she had offended the true nerds. Do you really remember the difficulty of watching a conversation with Matt Lauer? We wish we had not forgotten.


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