Who Is Drew Brees’ Wife And What Is Her Lifestyle?

Drew Brees
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Drew Brees is very popular during his time in the NFL, football is not the only reason he made headlines. He and his wife found a lot of hate online last year when Drew Brees criticized Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee-jerk “disrespectful” flag.

But even after that, Drew was offered an ESPN contract with the ball on Monday night. Clearly, his fame is greater than his evil deeds. But what about his wife? Who is Drew Brees’ wife, and what is her life like next to her famous husband?

Is Drew Brees Still Married To Brittany?

By Hollywood standards, the marriage of Drew Brees and Brittany Brees can be seen as long-lasting. But yes, they are still married, or after about eighteen years together. And while the athletes were not A-list celebs, their marriage even preceded Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen (although those famous couples, apparently, are still married and happy), so obviously, they are a strong NFL couple.

Who Is Drew Brees’ Wife?

They have been together for almost two decades, but little is known about Drew Brees’ wife. Sources say his girlfriend’s name is Dudchenko, and that the two met in college. It is a good, and common, story for NFL stars to meet their college counterparts.

The two were reportedly experts when they first fell in love, although Drew admitted in an interview that the first thing he said to his future wife was likely to ruin everything. He said it was “a normal line for a football player,” but he managed to free himself a few months later.

That was the case back in 1999, and in 2003, the couple tied the knot. Drew Brees and Brittany are both Christians, as they shared openly and proudly with their fans. However, they were attacked by fans and the media after Drew spoke ill of Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling in football matches.

What Did Drew Say About Colin Kaepernick?

Drew reportedly said that Colin did not respect the flag and that he did not approve of such behavior.

Fortunately, the couple later realized the mistake in their seemingly judgmental ways, and Brittany Brees turned to social media to write a big apology. He first apologized for the announcement “WE ARE A PROBLEM.” In her name with the Drew’s Foundation, Brittany elaborated that she and Drew take steps to change their ways, learn more about racial injustice, and do their part to do “what is right.”

It is clear that Brittany is heavily involved in basic activities (called the Brees Dream Foundation), but it is unclear whether her confession helped alleviate the fans’ anger over the whole affair. Some people have commented on a social media page to let Brittany know they think she shouldn’t have given it to critics.

Some are disgusted with Brittany’s “apology”, especially since he has expanded his comments that he and Drew saw the error of their ways after receiving death threats. In any case, Brittany was not afraid to post a comment about her beliefs with her husband.

After all, what fans still want to know is what Brittany Brees is doing to earn a living, even if she works full-time, given the high profile of her job. Looks like you’re under a lot of pressure without running 9-5!

How Many Kids Do Drew And Brittany Brees Have?

The Brees family has four lovely children, including three sons and one daughter. Although the couple has been married since 2003, they began adopting children in 2009, with their fourth child coming in 2014.

Yes, that’s four kids in five years! But Brittany and Drew were clearly ready to raise their families quickly, and the children seemed to be doing well. After all, while Drew was sidelined with injuries, his children worked together to retrieve their father and run. Baylen, Bowen, Callen, and Rylen look like a mess but lovely.

The family apparently prioritizes time together, apart from Father Drew’s busy schedule. Still, it seems that Brittany was given the job of raising children during Drew’s 20-year season. Now that he is retired, who knows what the family will do next?

What Does Drew Brees’ Wife Do For A Living?

Fans are not really sure if Brittany Brees has a job outside the home. While she seems to be heavily involved in the basic work of her family, it is not clear if Brittany has a particular job.

Many sources refer to him as a philanthropist, which means that he does not work for a salary but may have a lot of volunteers and generous work. At the same time, she may spend most of her time raising her children, as do many wives whose husbands require much of their time, effort, and visitation.


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