Where is Tina Saw From Nailed It! Season 6 Today?

Tina Saw
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Tina Saw.” Netflix’s ‘Nailed It!’ Is a series of exciting reality competitions with a badly trained home-cooked chef trying to recreate amazing confections in an effort to earn $ 10,000 and a lifetime of boasting rights. The title itself takes on the stigma of competitors’ skills and lack of cooking skills, so their personality works for us. Of course, this is enhanced by the easy availability of house judges Nicole Byer and Jacques Torres. So, now that season 6 has been shown again, let’s find out more about the first episode winner, Tina Saw, right?

Who is Tina Saw?

Tina Saw is a dentist who came to ‘Nailed It! ‘She has a good smile on her face because she’s determined to have fun, and what she does. Although he is very much in tune with what should and should not come into the mouth of a person considering his calling, he himself has admitted that he has a beautiful tooth that knows small limits.

That’s how Tina got into home baking from the start, and it seems to be one aspect of her life when she doesn’t worry about whether she’s successful or not. She often reads online and tries her best, hoping that the result is what she wants.

As a trained scientist, Tina used to follow ideas and instructions, and she thought that doing the same in the first Netflix show would help her accomplish miracles. Yes, Tina Saw did! After all, by taking one step at a time, adding a little ingenuity, and relying on his gut – all this time keeping the recipe in mind – he not only cooked the Sweet Skunk cookie even though it was broken, but he also got that round. Tina then got a year-round donation of animal-breaking cookies, went on to build a Dog Cake, and won there again – earning $ 10,000 and a trophy.

Where is Tina Saw Today?

Tina Saw is a specialist, practicing dentist based in Carlsbad, California, with a BA in Biology from Case’s Reserve Reserve in Ohio and a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree from Loma Linda University. He first entered the profession just to earn more money while in college during the summer, but fell in love and decided to turn it into his career. After graduating, Tina worked as an Associate at several dental clinics before becoming an entrepreneur. In 2015, he co-founded the proposed smiles.

The wife and mother of two co-founded Light Solutions Dental in March 2020, and in December became the sole owner and founder of the Oral Genome. Tina is still familiar with Elevated Smiles, where she received the award for Best Cosmetic Dentist, but is also responsible for having lightweight fabrics with Light Solutions.

On the other hand, the Oral Genome is a research company that helps people identify dental caries, oral disease, and the dangers of bad breath. Tina Saw has also appeared on television and in magazines for her dentists and somehow continues to make time with her family, which is amazing. However, it is not surprising because the latter is the most important thing to him.


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