Where is Mick Schumacher Today?

Mick Schumacher
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Mick Schumacher.” You have to be one with the car ”was the philosophy of racing racer Michael Schumacher. It has left a lasting impression on the next generation of drivers who come to this game. One of them was Michael’s own son, Mick Schumacher. Netflix‘s ‘Schumacher’ examines the life of the seven-time World Champion inside and outside the track and Mick talks about how much he misses his father. The 22-year-old unexpectedly took the race at a young age and finally got the attention his nickname brought. Know about Mick Schumacher.

Who is Mick Schumacher?

Mick Schumacher is the youngest child of Michael and Corinna, born in March 1999. Hailing from a family of racing drivers, Mick Schumacher has been interested in the sport since he was a child. Even the toys he played with as a child were karts. But Mick also knew that a closer look at his name would invite him and he decided to run under the name of his mother’s girlfriend, Betsch, at first. In the early 2010s, after doing well in world karting tournaments, Mick Schumacher advanced to the Formula race.

Soon, Mick was traveling through a feeder series and was on his way to achieving his dream. Ahead of his first European Formula 3 match in 2016, Mick said, “I want to be a world champion of Formula 1, like all drivers. Formula 3 is the next step for me, and I can’t wait any longer. “He did well in his promising start and won the European Formula 3 Championship in 2018, almost five years after his father’s accident. Mick Schumacher moved up to Formula 2 in 2019 and won the title the following year with Prem Racing, having completed five consecutive platforms in the process.

Mick, who had always considered his father to be his idol, called him the greatest pilot ever. He added, “But he’s not only the best driver, and he’s the best dad in the world.” Regarding the pressure that comes with the word, he said, “I know how much this word weighs in all aspects but that weight, I do not understand; it’s as simple as a pen to me. I feel very privileged to be able to drive by name. I’ve only seen beauty, and I’ve had a positive impact on this. ”

Where is Mick Schumacher Today?

Mick achieved his dream of driving in Formula One shortly after his graduation from Formula 2. In 2019, he signed with Ferrari Driver Academy and studied a number of times during pre-season exams and performance during the 2020 Grand Prix weekend. He signed on as the driver of the Uralkali Haas F1 team in 2021 and is currently ranked nineteen in the race.

However, Mick has already shown great promise as a race for his first season, with things looking good in 2022. In the documentary, Mick felt that he and his father would get along better now that he was in Formula One. Mick’s job involves traveling around the world regularly, but the Schumacher family seems to live in Switzerland.


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