Where is McKenzie Goodwin From Nailed It! Season 6 Today?

McKenzie Goodwin
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McKenzie Goodwin.” ‘Nailed It!’ Is a series of real Netflix competitions that follow local bakers with a very poor record as they try to replicate complex cakes and confectionery in a limited time to redeem themselves. Unlike shows like ‘Masterchef’ and ‘The Great British Bake Off,’ the rivals here have no idea and hope to win a grand prize of $ 10,000 by showing that they can do something bigger and better. So, now that season 6 has spread, let’s go deeper and learn more about McKenzie Goodwin, who won episode 2, know about McKenzie Goodwin.

Who is McKenzie Goodwin?

McKenzie Goodwin is a comedian, actor, and producer who has been in the entertainment industry for almost a decade. Most importantly, however, have been a fan of ‘Nail It! ‘Almost since it started. After all, according to his account, he and his girlfriend watch an episode of the series every morning, which may be a bit of a break, even though McKenzie Goodwin doesn’t like to show emotion.

This fact goes so far as to imply that he will not jump, jump, or rejoice if he succeeds; he kept his face as it always in – stock. Besides, we caught McKenzie smiling several times for welcoming Nicole Byer’s shenanigans.

When it came to McKenzie Goodwin’s trip to the program, he had to re-break the spectacular apple in the first round. The shell was heavy due to excessive coverage, but his charitable work made it “otherworldly,” as requested. Best of all, however, his sarcasm and humorous side came out of the process.

She overcame the challenge based on taste alone, getting a set of baking tools that will help her at home. In round 2, when the test was to be baked for a Loch Ness Monster cake, McKenzie followed the recipe and her guts in equal parts to end up with a turtle-looking but attractive dessert, which won her a grand prize, a trophy, and a lifetime of bragging rights.

Where is McKenzie Goodwin Today?

As far as we can tell, McKenzie Goodwin continues to live in the City of Angels – in Los Angeles, California – and works in the industry as a visiting comedian, producer, and podcast manager. He signed with the Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) and is now doing More Than Friends Live! show with his best friend, Rachel Scanlon.

The powerful duo also has a podcast called ‘More Than Friends With Ray and Kenz’, in which they talk about romantic relationships, the importance of sexual self-esteem in the nation and community of LGBTQ +, and their commitment to category support.

As for McKenzie’s romantic relationship, he happily engages with Erica Citarelli. From sharing holiday photos to popular and cozy photos, the couple is not ashamed of their connections, and honestly, they are so attractive that we have already invested a little in their commitment. In addition to all of this, we should also mention that McKenzie was the director, author, and producer of produced ‘One More Bottle’ (2013), ‘Dwarf Beard’ (2012), and played the role of Emma in ‘House Arrest’ ( 2015), among other debts.


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