Where is Football Coach Rush Propst Now?

Rush Propst
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Football Coach Rush Propst.” Netflix’s ‘Titletown High’ is a series of eight episodes involving the city of Valdosta, Georgia, where beliefs, football, and society go hand in hand. Here, we not only look at the Valdosta Wildcats football players as they play their games and lives while fighting for the State Championship, but we also get an idea of ​​the program and how their head coach, Rush Propst, handles things. It has been made clear in the series that he may have a bit of an argument, so we can’t help but wonder more about his health and where he is right now. 

About The Rush Propst?

Rush Propst Born in Alabama in 1957, Thomas Rush Propst grew up and graduated from high school in his hometown of Ohatchee before moving to the Jacksonville district. Rush Propst graduated from Physical Education and then spent a few years as an assistant coach in the Alabama-Georgia region. From there, in 1999, Rush received his first leave and was hired as head coach at Hoover High School. For the next nine years, he led that football program to 110 wins and 5 State Championships. Nevertheless, allegations of student alterations and problems were made public.

Finally, in 2007, Rush Propst resigned after admitting to having an affair with his ex-wife, who had started a family with him but dismissed all other charges. He then took a chance at Colquitt County High School in Georgia, where he led the Packers in seven games and a few state titles. However, prior to this and the charges, he had become a national icon with MTV’s ‘Two-A-Days,’ which is why his 2019 shooting was so shocking. After all, you have been found to have violated the Code of Conduct for Teachers under at least four locations.

Apart from this, in 2020, Rush was introduced by Valdosta High School and soon took its program to the next level. From pushing players to do better in providing support in difficult times, you have done it all. Unfortunately, he went too far and was found guilty of violations committed by the board of the Georgia High School Association, including arranging monthly payments to hire the families of top players such as Jake Garcia and Amari Jones. He was thus placed on management leave, and five athletes were deemed unfit for the 2021 season, so the games were canceled.

Where is Rush Propst Now?

The Wildcats have now been barred from entering the 2021 playoffs by the GHSA over a recorded interview with Michael “Nub” Nelson, in which Rush Propst spoke of “funny money.” The radio was recorded in April 2020 but was not released until March 2021, a week after Nub was fired as President of Valdosta Touchdown Club. And today, even though the school board decided not to renew Rush’s contract in April, they seem to be reviewing the decision. His Twitter bio still claims to be “He is a football coach at Valdosta High School” and lives in the city, so there is no certainty.

In a recent interview with Saturday Down South, Coach Rush revealed that the content of the leaked sound “was just a B-band. speak up. That’s all there was to it. I wish I could bring back some of those things, but I can’t. You must be the owner of them… I was taken out of context, yes I was completely out of context. ”However, even though he did not return to Valdosta, the 63-year-old says he has not finished training. He is not ready to retire, so he is looking at other opportunities in another situation – a place where he, his wife, and children can get better support. Rush’s record, after all, stands at 295-108.


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