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What If

 What If …? In the latest episode of this season, you see the Black Widow from this game. But Scarlett Johansson does not return to express her voice in this role.

The Latest Episode of Marvel Studios’ What If …? Introduced What If


Asked the audience to ponder, “What If … The World Has Lost Its Most Powerful Heroes?” During the episode, Nick Fury and the Black Widow try to unravel the mystery of who killed each of the Avengers before they built to stop Loki. At the opening of the venue, the show resumes when Fury and Natasha see Tony on the dock in Iron Man 2. But when Romanoff speaks, fans may be surprised to find that Scarlett Johansson does not utter a word for this live talk.

Like Josh Keaton who replaces Chris Evans as Captain America, voice actor Lake Bell is a talent that brings the Black Widow to life in What If …? Prior to voice acting, Bell was seen in a role on sitcoms such as New Girl and The League. He has also been a part of Adult Swim Hospital adult action play. In recent years he has been heard voicing characters in some of Hollywood’s most popular projects.

Bell has been voicing since 2009, his first voice role in Prototype for the game as Dana Mercer. From there he proceeded to major projects tied to both Marvel and DC. Most notably, he sounds like Poison Ivy in the hit series Harley Quinn. There, her delivery blends well with Ivy’s dry sarcasm. Of course, it also helps that the same delivery is heard in her role as the Black Widow.

What If

Bell’s television career continues his role in Bojack Horseman as Katrina Peanutbutter, Mr. Peanutbutter’s ex-wife. In that series, Bell forgets the character’s remorse for marrying Mr. Peanutbutter, a quality that goes well with the Black Widow as she lives a life of remorse. She also starred in Vanessa Fisk in Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse with Chloe in The Secret Life of Pets 2, which helps show her range in major and minor roles. However, while this is the first time many listeners have heard Bell talk about Black Widow, it is not his first rodeo with a character.

On Robot Chicken, Bell voiced a black widow in one of their episodes. Although it did not gather the same audience as What If …?, It works as a preview of how Bell changed his voice to better fit the character. Now, as Keaton points out to Steve Rogers, Bell can empower his character while still capturing the essence of what makes Johansson’s act so alive.

There is no clear reason why Johansson did not return to the term Black Widow. While his recent legal battle with Disney seems like an easy excuse, it could be to arrange a dispute or misdemeanor communication. Still, Lake Bell is a good decision-maker in this role as he totally takes what you need to be one of the deadliest killers in Russia.

Seeing the Earth’s crust fail to form on the MCU, the third episode of What If …? is now streaming on Disney +.


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