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Angelina Jolie is one of the many celebrities Wendy Williams doesn’t love. The presenter of the talk show has never thanked Tomb Raider star who is married to Brad Pitt. Now that Pitt-Jolie’s divorce is still going on, Williams has been talking a lot about not liking Jolie at all. In some episodes, he would even call her names like “pagan.” Williams would not even have talked about the award-winning actor on The Wendy Williams Show if not for the interesting news of his recent divorce battle.

Wendy Williams Dislikes Angelina Jolie

It’s always nice to see Wendy Williams get into a completely different situation when she talks about some of the community. He often has this with real stars who always criticize them for their misconduct. Now how come Williams is unhappy with the actor-socialist?


Williams has been covering Jolie-Pitt’s divorce in her show since 2016 when it was first announced in public. Although there are stories of Pitt driving the marriage over because of his short stature, Williams has always focused on Jolie’s mistakes in the situation. For example, the program director expressed how “disgusted” he was with the Salt actor’s decisions about divorce as a struggle for solitude.

The queen of hot topics is Team Brad in this regard. He has been praising the way the actor got back on his feet, gaining more recognition for his work, and perhaps even dating actress Andra Day. For Williams, Jolie has come a long way in fostering divorce because of her anger. He has spoken a few times about how this tragic divorce continues to hurt the actress and children’s work.

Wendy Williams has always been Team Jennifer Aniston apparently. Upon hearing of Brangelina’s separation, she could not help but wonder if Aniston was happy about the news. The presenter despises the way Pitt and Jolie met. He felt that Aniston could not be respected for all his problems. Smith at the time was dragging it out before their case was confirmed to the public.


Cheated on her previous marriage, Williams feels incredible that Pitt has left Aniston to go to Jolie. To this day, although the Friends star himself has already been spotted getting along with the actress Once upon a Time in Hollywood, Williams still holds a grudge against Brangelina. Yes, especially Jolie. “How do you find ’em is how you lose’ em,” Williams said in his show whenever he spoke of Brangelina’s fall.

Being a Team Jen, of course, Williams doesn’t feel bad about Brangelina’s split. He feels bad for their six kids who have to deal with the whole game, though. Williams stuck to the not-so-trivial notion that Jolie was the woman who took Pitt from his beloved wife. Even the Changingling star’s birthday this year, Williams showed no interest in talking about it on his show. He further expressed his dislike for the actor’s recent divorce selections. After that, he quickly moved on to the next story.


We’re sure some of Brad and Jen’s fans feel or still feel the same way about Brangelina or just Angelina. Wendy Williams is one of those people. Can we blame him? The two were the best couple of the 90s, after all. But Angelina Jolie deserves all the hatred? We are convinced that there has been a long-running feud between many groups of friends.

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