Waterworld Ending, Explained


‘Waterworld’, Kevin Reynolds’ 1995 movie post-apocalyptic action-adventure movie is a movie you may or may not like, but it is not the one you can push aside. The magnificent ocean story brings us to a bleak future when a nameless rider – who walks near Mariner – meets a woman and child to embark on a grueling journey to discover the mythical dry land.

Kevin Costner presents a vague performance compared to Jeanne Tripplehorn in the lead role. An attractive budget and outstanding atmosphere make for occasional make-up (“waiter” in a world without restaurants). If you need to brush the last moments of this kind of retro-futuristic foray, let us take you to the troubled waters. 

Waterworld ‘Plot’

The glaciers on the white plateau have melted far in the future, and people are now living as sailors in scattered groups. These groups mainly consisted of Slavers or smokers, while individual sailors were called Drifters. Mariner is such a flood, wandering the endless sea – after some trauma, he finds an ineffective lamp. Meanwhile, you meet a friendly driver and learn about the island (floating colony) eight days east. According to the code, there is something that needs to be exchanged, but the drifter has it all.

At this point, a group of smokers ambush the sailor’s ship while his sail is low, but the sailor escapes. He reaches the atoll, wanting to trade 3.2 kilograms of uncultivated land for 124 chips (new world currency). After doing this exchange, Mariner goes to Helen’s fertile line to get two glasses of hydro, but the fork wants a drink with her. The sailor does not expect to entertain visitors, and people find that he has ears and feet like wings. They consider the Matlosi to be a giant and imprison him. Old Gregor comes to meet him near the cage, but he doesn’t have enough courage to let him run away.

The next morning, just as they were about to throw the Matilosi into the abyss, the island faces dozens of smokers from outside. With the help of Helen and Enola, Matilosi escapes to the scene as he welcomes them into the mythical dry land. As she was having a map drawn on the back that leads to a dry land, and as the news spreads, the Deacon and his pack of smokers are looking for a piece of Enola. Chthyic Sapien is hesitant at first, but he comes to show his side of the personality as the story progresses.

Waterworld Ending: How Did the World Get Submerged?

In the aftermath of the “Worldworld”, glaciers have melted, and sea levels rose to over 2,500 feet [8,200 m], plunging much of the earth’s surface underwater. Humans live in the sea, but with their limbs, they choose to live in the water. Therefore, people still plant trees whenever and wherever they can and dream of dry land. Clean water (called “hydro” in the movie fairy tale) and pure pollution are very rare. But dear child Enola and her ideas give us hope because people say that this tattoo on her back is a map that leads directly to a dry land.

The map has a lot of value, so smokers and their leader, the Deacon, want Enola to die or live. Smokers continue to chase Enola, and when forced, Helen is clear about the map. He believes a tattoo on Enola’s back will take them to a dry land, but Matilosi knows better. He takes her on a voyage to “the dry land,” where the cities are submerged.


After the trip, while Helen is still recovering from a stroke, they see that the Deacon has hijacked a trimaran. The smokers set fire to the boat, grabbed Enola, and took her down to their dock. Old Gregor has seen the smoke from the burning ship, and he comes to rescue the group. They boarded another ship, protecting the islanders.

According to Old Gregor, the unknown inscriptions on Enola’s back are numbers – latitudes and longitudes. Enola has nothing but trouble for the survivors, and they do not want anything to do with her. The sailor goes to the Smoker ship to rescue Enola. Meanwhile, Old Gregor has broken a tattoo puzzle. The world has turned around and looked around.

Initially, we assume that the post-apocalyptic world is the result of global warming or some other catastrophic human catastrophe. However, the discovery made by Old Gregor changes the figure. The poles have changed positions, which means that the south pole is now a north pole and vice versa. This catastrophe may also be the reason why the earth is submerged. The occurrence of this event could cause a major change in the geography of the world, and this appears to be an event that has melted the ice caps.

Where is the Dryland? Who Is the Family at The Dryland Cottage?


Moving forward to the last moments, Mariner gets out of the plane and finds the seagull sitting on the tracks. Sea tigers show the world, and you see a mountain peeking out of the clouds. Despite the sailors’ unwavering suspicion, the dry land seems to still exist. Arriving on the island (probably Mount Everest, considering the length), Old Gregor is thrilled to find a source of fresh water.

They progress on their way, and the Atoll Enforcer stumbles into an old hut. In the bedroom they found two bones, holding hands, lying on a table. The pages on the table are engraved with the same engraving as Enola’s back. While the Atoll Enforcer recommends burying bones in the ground, Gregor thinks the dead are aware of their imminent future. Enola enters the cottage to take a closer look, and secretly says, “I’m home.”

Audiences may wonder who the cottage family is, and we will definitely think it has no concrete answer. However, the most logical explanation is that the dry house family is the Enola family. He says he has seen the dry land several times, and in his simple drawings, we finish

Does Matilosi live with Helen and Enola?

Although Matilosi, Helen, and Enola may have started their own family, natural selection seems to have made it difficult for Mariner to survive. With gills under his ears and fingers together, he transformed into a new world person. A person who has changed like him has no family because people want to isolate him when he first sees these criminals. That’s why Mariner shares his methods with the rest of the team at the last minute. He finds a boat tied to a beach and goes to an unknown sea. Meanwhile, Helen and Enola were left behind to restore the “lost paradise.”


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