Where is Valdosta Wildcats and Grayson QB Jake Garcia Now?

Jake Garcia
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Set in Valdosta, Jake Garcia, a city where football is considered a religion and victory are paramount, Netflix’s ‘Titletown High’ is a series of eight factual facts that test their high school team – the Wildcats. As athletes roam through competition, relationships, and school while striving for the title, we take a look inside at how they cope with adversity and competition. And one of the key players here, even though he only played one game, was Jake Garcia. 

Who is Jake Garcia?

Jake Garcia is a “five-star” quarterback who is considered one of the most talented in varsity football because of his accuracy and hard work. Back in 2020, he was the 18 prospect in the ESPN 300 even though he never finished his high school years in the same area. After all, he studied at La Habra High in Orange County and Narbonne High in Harbor City before moving to Georgia where California opted to stop playing time because of covid-19. As it was Jake’s big year and wanted to do it, he made his way to Valdosta and soon became a starter.

In the first game for the Wildcats, Jake Garcia led his team to a 28-25 victory despite a muscle problem on the field, but it was also the last. According to the show, to meet state requirements, her parents had been legally separated, but they told ESPN that they were planning a reunion at the end of the season, which led to an investigation by the GHSA. Jake was considered unfit, but until the appeal process was settled, he stayed with the Wildcats and led them as far as possible. When that was over, he transferred to Grayson High in Loganville after confirming they had no games with Valdosta.

Where is Jake Garcia Now?

Jake Garcia is in his final year as a quarterback at Grayson, helping them win the 7A Georgia State Championship. He threw about 6,000 yards and had more than 50 touches in four seasons of the varsity. From there, instead of the University of Southern California, he moved on to the University of Miami. In September 2019, Jake committed to USC to play as a proud Trojan, but after much deliberation on his role, he committed himself in December 2020. It was there that Jake revealed that he would choose the Miami Hurricanes over all other areas.

Today, Jake Garcia is thrilled in Miami as a new professional footballer and dreams of making it to the next level. Depending on his social media profile, he is an inspiring speaker. With all his strength, his confidence, and his determination, it is clear that his work is just beginning, so we cannot wait to see what he does next. As he said on his Instagram recently, pictured above, “It’s a marathon, but we’ll keep the ball in until it’s # 1.” In other words, for now, the University of Miami and the Hurricanes are home to Jake’s family.


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