What Happened To Tori Spelling’s Family Money After Her Dad Passed Away?

Tori Spelling
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Tori Spelling could be a real TV star with a high-profile husband, but Tori Spelling is not Kardashian. Instead of building a multibillion-dollar state, Tori Spelling has gone through difficult times in recent years.

Fans were left confused after Tori’s problems were revealed, mainly because her father, the famous producer Aaron Spelling, was very important when he passed away. Fans thought Aaron would leave his daughter extra money to live on or invest, preventing her from making her own way while raising her family.

But as it turned out, Aaron Spelling’s money did not go to his children, nor did Tori or his brother have much of their father’s money left in their pockets.

What Is Tori Spelling’s Net Worth?

Coupled with her husband, Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling is not doing much wrong to provide funding these days. However, he always had a much higher value, and there were a few ups and downs in his career. Does Tori have a high net worth? That depends on the perspective. For someone who used to have millions, Tori’s current figure of less than half a million is very impressive.

In terms of population, it is still a monarchy. But given Spelling’s background, and his one-time legacy, $ 500K is actually a small amount. But how did he come to have so little money, and where did he keep his father’s money after he passed away?

Aaron Spelling Net Worth Was $600 Million When He Died

Aaron Spelling needed an amazing amount of money when he died back in 2006. In view of inflation, $ 600 million was now worth about $ 800 million now – if all of it had been saved, that is.

Fans already know that Tori Spelling loaded up her estate so quickly. But who is to claim the rest of Spelling’s legacy? It turned out that it was his wife – and Tori’s mother – Candy who benefited the most from him.

Tori Spelling Didn’t Get Much Of Her Dad’s Estate

It has already been confirmed that when Tori Spelling went into some money when her famous father Aaron passed away, she did not keep it for long. But even though Tori and her brother earned about $ 800,000 each, that only made up a small percentage of Aaron Spelling’s total value when he passed away.

Who Is Aaron Spelling’s Wife, Candy?

Candy Spelling, nee Marer, married Aaron back in 1968. While both Aaron and Candy were previously married, they adopted Tori and Randy together and remained married for more than thirty years. Interestingly, there isn’t much information out there about Candy Spelling’s past. In fact, everything she wrote on Wikipedia covers her work and life following the death of her husband.

Candy has written a history of the human form and memo, produced and starred in two real programs on HGTV, started producing Broadway theater, and more.

And even though she puts up a spelling house spell a few years after Aaron’s passing, Candy doesn’t seem to be moving money around. However, she found out almost the whole situation of her late husband at her death, which makes fans want to wonder where we are now.

What Happened To Aaron Spelling’s Money?

Who discovered Aaron Spelling’s treasure? Candy has earned a lot of money, and many sources have called her share of her share as a “pile” of the estate. Since Tori and Randy’s share was less than 3 percent of the total, does that mean Candy contributed another 97 percent – or about $ 580 million?

Obviously not. Sources suggest that Aaron Spelling left money to various other people, including those outside the family. Although his wife gets most of Aaron’s money, other people also get money, too.

Who Else Did Aaron Spelling Leave Money To?

Sources suggest that non-family members are listed in Aaron Spelling’s will, including staff at Spelling Mansion. The interior decorator reportedly received $ 50K while the esthetician went home with $ 25K.

Sources also say that Aaron also included a section that did not agree with his estate, which means that if Tori, Randy, or anyone else disputes the will, they are trying to lose their small estate. At the same time, many people did not agree with Aaron’s decision to leave a legacy Candy; he and Tori had been arguing for a long time, which meant Tori was cut short after the end of her $ 800K.

And yet, Candy may have pressured Tori to learn how to manage her finances intentionally. Mrs. Spelling was quoted as saying that her daughter’s habits were uncontrollable, so she probably used her ability to teach her older daughter a lesson she should have learned a long time ago.


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