Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 22 Release Date & Synopsis

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 22

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 22.” ‘Tokyo Revengers’ is a Shounen anime TV drama with romantic, science fiction, and entertainment elements. The story revolves around a man under the age of 20 named Takemichi Hanagaki, who has knowledge that goes back to his middle school body, giving him a chance to make things right in his life. Now, know about Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 22.

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 22: Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 22 will be released on September 5, 2021, in Japan. The episode will air at various times on MBS Network, TV Tokyo Network, BS Asahi Network, and RKK Network. On March 30, 2021, the show had a special premiere in Japan where the main scenes of the first three episodes were broadcast.

Liden Films Studios developed the series, with Kouichi Hatsumi as the lead director and Yasuyuki Mutou as the original writer. Hiroaki Tsutsumi created music, while Kenichi Oonuki and Keiko Oota designed the characters. 

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 22: Synopsis

In Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 21, after seeing Baji fall, Chifuyu runs to him, wanting to know what Kisaki has done to him. Takemichi realizes that Baji’s stab wound to Kazutora was really serious. Terrified, she realizes that her future is coming true. Mikey gets up from the car, stating that he has not killed Kazutora yet because Baji begged him not to. Now that Kazutora has taken Baji to him, Mikey is free to kill him.

Hanma, who is still standing, says the fight between Valhalla and Toman is not over, but Mikey lowers him with one blow, causing some Valhalla members to flee. As he begins to beat Kazutora, the latter thinks of his time with Baji. Suddenly, Baji gets up, goes down to the pile, says he’s fine, and kills himself. Before he dies, Judge tells Takemichi to take care of Mikey and Toman.

Tokyo Revengers

After Kazutora taunts Mikey, the latter begins to beat her again. Takemichi gets up and stands between them. As Mikey inflicts his anger on Takemichi to get him out of his way, Takemichi tells him that the Judge killed himself because he didn’t want Mikey to blame Kazutora for it. As both Mikey and Kazutora go on to realize the enormity of their friend’s sacrifice, Mikey sees the charm that Takemichi found and originally belonged to Baji, and the fire in his eyes begins to go out.

In Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 22, the police may have arrived. That could lead to everyone leaving, with the exception of Kazutora, who will always accept responsibility for his actions. Takemichi and Drakken may visit Kazutora prison to send a message from Mikey.


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