Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 14

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 14 Release Date, Synopsis, and everything. Based on a series of Japanese manga written and portrayed by Ken Wakui, ‘Tokyo Revengers’ is a Shounen anime TV action movie featuring science fiction and romance. Around Takemichi Hanagaki, a man under the age of 20, who is driven in front of an oncoming train and finds that his adult skills have restored him to his middle school body.

Looking for a better opportunity, he decides to save his middle-school girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, from the Tokyo Manji Gang or the infamous Toman.

He gets help from Hinata’s brother Naoto, who is a police officer in the future. It was Naoto’s handshake that Takemichi could go back and forth in time. The series began on April 11, 2021. “Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 14.”

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 14 Aired Date

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 14 “Break up” will be released on July 11, 2021, in Japan, on MBS, TV Tokyo. The shows had a special premiere in Japan where the main scenes of the first three episodes were broadcast.

Liden Films Studios developed the series, Kouichi Hatsumi as the lead director and Yasuyuki Mutou as the lead writer.

Music created by Hiroaki Tsutsumi, and Keiko Oota and Kenichi Oonuki designed the characters. Pop group Official HiGE DANdism sang the opening theme of the show, “Cry, Baby.” The final theme of the first 12 episodes is “Koko de Iki wo shite” by Eill. After that, Nakimushi’s “Tokyo Wonder”. it acts as a terminal.

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 14 Synopsis

Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 14 “Break up.” In episode 13, Takemichi attends Hinata’s funeral, but her determination overcomes her grief. He later tells Naoto that he will go back and be Toman’s leader to finish it off inside. The only time she let go of her grief was when Hinata’s mother returned the necklace she had given to Hinata.

Tokyo Revengers

He and Naoto were still confused by the turn of events, as they sincerely thought they had changed the future by preventing Draken’s death from happening.

Naoto finds out that Draken is currently on the verge of death. Takemichi visits his former friend Naoto and finds out that Kisaki Tetta is somehow involved in Draken’s arrest. Former Toman vice-captain announces that if he gets another chance, he will kill Kisaki.

Takemichi decides to step back and try to be the leader of Thomas’ 3rd division. After joining hands with Naoto, Takemichi finds himself in a public bathroom with Draken and Mikey. The episode ends as they meet with other members of Toman to decide the next phase 3 leader.

In episode 14, Takemichi can find out that Mikey has chosen none other than Kisaki as the new third Captain. He had previously been involved with Moebius, but since Mikey thought they needed to expand their group, he hired Kisaki. Mikey may also reveal his plans to identify the Valhalla gang in the next round. “Tokyo Revengers Season 1 Episode 14.”


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