Titans Loses Another Member and Adds a Problematic New One

Titans Season 3 Episode 11 

Season 3 of the Titans found that Nightwing’s team was heavily shaken by Jason Todd (Curran Walters) removing Hawk (Alan Ritchson) in his attempt to get his former teammates to pay. He has completely defiled his soul like Red Hood, plagued by death and destruction. Sadly, the group is struggling to recover, losing another important member of the family to grief. However they find a new person, but this can be a problem going forward.

Titans Season 3

Titans.” Dawn (Minka Kelly) is struggling to cope with the loss of the Hawks. He was really in love with Hank, but he didn’t treat her well in their last days. She was in love with someone in Washington and she rolled over like a solo vigilante. Still, he did his best to save Hank. Unfortunately, he was tricked by Jason into shooting Red Hood to death, but instead, he dumped Hank and fired the hero.

He found Conner comforting in the Titans ‘Blackfire,’ as Superboy regretted not blocking the bomb. Dawn makes it clear, however, that they will not save everyone. In addition, the case is against them so that Conner can free himself from his case. Leading to Juba airport, he is ready to board a private plane to stay at his family’s place in Paris to recover.

It’s not sure he’ll get back into action, but it seems impossible. He also tells Dick that he has to do what Bruce did and go out in this heroic game. Staying in it for too long broke Batman and caused him to kill, so he doesn’t want to see that happen to Robin’s ex. He begs former boy Wonder to find a way out as he deserves peace and happiness. The Dove begs him not to kill Jason, and as he walks away, Dick chases Scarecrow to set Red Trap’s trap.

Kory / Starfire was riddled with ideas, and viewers discovered that it was Blackfire that made telepathic communication. He and Gar traced the ideas to the ground, ending up in a field outside Gotham. They found an underground cell where a government scientist had seized Blackfire, which had been lowered into a special prison cell.

Kory tries to talk to him to find out why he killed their parents and took the Tamaran throne, but Blackfire just wants to fight the assassination. Starfire does not force, but rather leaves him when he rots; separated from her sister. Power buffers mean Blackfire can’t run right now or turn on Kory and Gar. However, she can be sincerely determined to test her sister’s love and the possible approval of the new family.

Titans Blackfire confirms that it was abused when Starfire was treated like a golden child, so there is some sympathy you have received for this scam. The way he talks about killing his parents, warning his sister he doesn’t know the full story, hints that it might be bad, and Blackfire might have done the right thing. Only time will tell. However, as he gets into the car, talking to Gar and Kory, it is clear that Blackfire will be a handful. Eventually, if his power returns, he can try to end Kory’s murder and get the Titans out of his way.


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