What The Winners Of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ Have Been Up To Recently

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off.” Amid a strong tent filled with self-taught chefs lay a healing and peaceful exhibition. The Great British Bake Off has provided many people with a delightful, one-of-a-kind pudding sticking at a time. There’s something pure and humble about a competitive show that doesn’t have a cash prize. Competitors actually help and enjoy each other’s company. The only evil force around that tent could be a tough critic or two-judge Paul Hollywood. Still, even her blue eyes mean nothing at all.

his competition is a piece of cake away. All bakers spend endless hours preparing their signatures with showstopper bakers while also testing their knowledge during each technical challenge. It’s hard to forget some of the art that came out of the game, like Paul’s Bread Lion or the Lion of the series 6 or Kim Joy’s beloved fox cake in series 9. If you’ve ever wondered what The Great British Bake Off Show winners got from the show, keep scrolling to find out.

The Winners Of ‘The Great British Bake Off Show

10 David Atherton

One of the few competitors who managed to stay cool, calm, and collected throughout the race was the winner of the 10th series, David Etherton. Shortly after the show, David came out with his first children’s cookbook last year entitled, My First Cookbook. David teamed up with his friend and illustrator for children’s books, Rachel Stubbs, to find the book.

Last May, she released her second cookbook, Good Eats, in which one of her recipes was featured in Women Own Magazine. She also posted a photo of herself on Instagram that helps manage Covid-19 medications this past winter.

9 Peter Sawkins

Peter Sawkins was the eleventh champion in The Great British Bake Off beating his competition with his Swiss swimmers by the old church during the epidemic. The youngest winner in the competition has been handcuffed in a few attempts since winning the title.

You can pre-order Peter’s first cookbook, entitled Peter Bakes, which is set to go on sale next October. This month, Peter revealed on social media that he appeared for the first time giving a speech at the Scottish event Fringe By The Sea. He also works for a beverage company called Bottle Green Drinks.

8 Sophie Faldo

Shortly after winning the GBBO 8 title, the former military commander worked long hours as a chef trained at the Glasshouse Restaurant in Kew, England. He eventually started his own food business, taking everything he learned from the tent and the Michelin Starred restaurant.

Sophie opened her own cake shop, Sophie Faldo Couture Cakes, and made elaborate cakes and desserts for weddings. This past summer, Sophie joined another baking competition titled The Great British Baking Show hosted by Bake From Scratch Magazine. She was a partner of Alice Fevronia who had entered the GBBO competition sharing their baking tips and tricks with their competitors.

7 Rahul Mandal

Rahul Mandal will not only be remembered as the winner of the 9th series but as one of the most fun competitors to step into the baking tent. Despite the few baking tragedies Rahul experienced during the show, he won his battles and impressed Paul and Rue. Rahul has continued to bake pieces of art since his victory. However, he has not stopped his work as a research scientist at the Department of Advanced Nuclear Production Research at Sheffield University.

Rahul has asked to bake expensive cakes for a variety of reasons, such as the HBO show TheNevers, the 50th anniversary of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory cake by Warner Brothers, and wedding cakes featuring friends. She recently posted the good news that her raspberry cardamom cake recipe has been featured in The Times Magazine.

6 Nadiya Hussain

The most active baker since the GBBO show is the winner of series 6, Nadiya Hussain. She has published many children’s books, an invitation entitled Nadiya Hussain Finding My Voice, and 7 cookbooks, her new 2020 publication entitled Nadiya Bakes.

He also did well in the tv industry. Nadiya has appeared in more than half a dozen games, making two of hers to watch on Netflix, Nadiya’s Tadi to Eat and Nadiya Bakes. He has also published numerous articles and recipes for websites such as The Guardian, BBC Food, and The Telegraph. Five years ago, Nadiya was asked to make a cake suitable for the queen. She was literally commissioned to make Queen Elizabeth’s 90th Birthday birthday cake.

5 Candice Brown

Life was full of old age and trouble for Candice Brown after winning the GBBO in 2016. A year after the show, she published her first cookbook, Comfort: Delicious Bakes and Family Treats, and made a few appearances on television in Celebrity Mastermind and Dancing in Ice UK. She eventually opened a restaurant with her brother Ben, even though she had to close it during the closure after opening only one year and announced her separation from her two-year husband.

Candice made a mountain in the mountains with her new cookbook, Happy Cooking: Easy Uplifting Meals and Comforting Treats, which she published last May. He explained to Candice Brown in the News Chain, “It has been a very difficult year in my life. I have been able to write a pen and I am proud of that, and that I have been able to share something that has been difficult for me.”

4 Francis Quinn

Francis Quinn took the winning title during the 4th GBBO series in 2013. Since the show, Francis has taken on a number of projects, expanding his baking career and finding a way to combine his love of design and baking. In 2016, she published her book Quinntessential Baking and sold luxury cakes at weddings and other events.

Francis is an avid blogger who shares a plethora of recipes and ideas for fans to learn. On the drinks side, Francis “was banned from the UK restaurant Waitrose for allegedly stealing flour and eggs during the closure,” DailyMailUk reported.

3 Nancy Birtwhistle

The former GBBO winner was popular with fans Nancy Birtwhistle in 2014. ‘Fancy Nancy’ was always very focused on the whole competition and making sure her bakers were consistent and close to perfection. On her website, Nancy writes, “Winning Bake Off has been a life-changing experience as it has brought so much opportunity.

I was soon assigned to parachute into a different country, where I was invited to participate in a number of different activities. Showing, teaching, judging, speaking, writing, and even my first role play. “Her first cookbook was published in 2019, entitled, Sizzle and Drizzle; Tips for a Modern-Homemaker.

2 Joanne Wheatley

The winner of series 2, Joanne Wheatly has been involved in many projects since she won the competition in 2011. His love of baking grew into a career, publishing books, articles, TV appearances, and more. Joanne wanted to spread her baking knowledge and began teaching cooking classes in 2015 to people who wished to improve their kitchen skills.

He also published two cookbooks, the first in 2012 entitled, A Passion for Baking, and the second in 2013 called Home Baking. Joanne has also written a number of cooking articles for the BBC Foods website and her active blog, where fans can continue to see her great recipes.

1 John Whaite

Winning the 23-year-old GBBO, John Whaite has kept himself very busy since the show. In 2016, John started his cooking school in his family farmhouse in rural Lancashire, England, “teaching the cooking skills needed to create delicious dishes in your kitchen.” John has made numerous television appearances in shows such as The Morning Whats for Cooking and Steph’s Packed Lunch.

She continues to share her beautiful recipes and recipes on her Instagram and articles published in The Telegraph. John has also been very busy publishing many cookbooks, his first title, John Whaites Bakes: Recipes for Every Day and Every Mood. The latest news has been the announcement that John will appear on the British program, Strictly Dancing Competiton, this year. The Great British Bake Off Show.


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