The Starling (2021): Comedy Movie! Ending Explained

The Starling

‘The Starling’ is an emotional drama that follows a couple’s journey after the tragic death of their daughter. The tragedy that ended their relationship, Lilly and Jack struggled to make sense of their loss and, when they did, they forgot to date. The Starling.

The story goes well, and the characters’ struggle is illustrated by Lilly’s endless battle with the local bird living in her garden. Her husband, Jack, is dealing with his demons at a counseling center. The film is so obscure that viewers may assume that there are no final changes.  Now about The Starling movie.

The Starling Movie Overview

The Starling film opens with Lilly and Jack painting the wall of their newborn daughter of Katie’s nursery while discussing what she will be when she grows up. The next time we see Lilly a few years old, her behavior is completely different. She is working in a store where her supervisor is constantly harassing her for not focusing on her work. He also speaks ill of the tragedy but does not go into details.

Lilly then went to a counseling center, where her husband Jack lives. The two went to a counseling conference together but seemed unable to communicate with each other. (The Starling) When asked to speak, both Lilly and Jack seem uncomfortable and seemingly reluctant to get involved. Back home, Lilly tries to clear her yard but is violently attacked by a bird that lives in one of the nearby trees. Try as hard as you can, Lilly can’t scare the bird and eventually finds herself at the veterinary clinic for advice.

As it turns out, the veterinarian, Dr. Larry, was a counselor before “switching to animals,” and gradually helping Lilly deal with the grief she has been trapped inside. As Lilly progresses and tries to reconnect with Jack, the grieving husband responds to her and finally asks Lilly not to visit him anymore. Tragically, Lilly then got into an argument with Dr. Larry and ended up throwing a stone at the bird, which surprisingly hit the star. The Starling.

Lilly then ran the bird to Dr. Larry, who operated on him but was not sure if he would recover. As the grieving mother cares for the bird, she notices that the star-studded nest has a nest with new chicks. Jack, meanwhile, is also beginning to deal with his problems and admits that they are not the result of his daughter’s death but of his failure to give himself a chance.

The film draws to a close and Jack and Lilly finally start talking about their feelings. Jack also apologizes to his wife for being too distant and unsupportive in their difficult times. The closing scenes of the film then show that Lilly and Jack are wearing protective gear to enter their garden when the now fully healthy bird and its mate begin to attack.

Although they face a number of major challenges and are sometimes on the verge of losing their marriage, it seems that Jack and Lilly are determined to work on their relationship. Although Lilly’s commitment to saving their marriage was unquestionable, Jack kept his distance from his wife and, at one point, even considered ending his life.

However, a change came over him when Jack first walked over to his closet and found unpublished packets that his beloved wife had left him at the weekly counseling center. He realizes that his wife will never give up and that she, too, needs to take control of her life. So far blaming his attitude toward his daughter’s death, Jack finally realizes that his stresses have preceded the tragedy and that he must learn to deal with them.

So, he finally apologizes to Lilly and starts focusing on the previous trip rather than focusing on the previous one. (The Starling) Towards the end of the film, we begin to see Jack smiling, and perhaps most notably, using his daughter’s name in the conversation without breaking.

While we don’t know if he would be back with Lilly in the end, we do know for sure that he is visiting her as the two are seen donating hats and harvesting vegetables together in their yard. And, from the way Jack discusses buying furniture with Lilly, we can be sure that he plans to go back soon, and they are both really healthy and really reunited.

The star, who is also the name of the movie, teaches Lilly many lessons during their endless battle. After repeated injuries to this little bird, Lilly even tries to poison it. (The Starling) However, when Dr. Larry describes the stars as stubborn birds especially those who get along and build a life together and cannot exist without their partner, Lilly sees a clear similarity between this bird and her life.

He also notices that the star that continues to harass him also has its chicks. When Lilly noticed one of her young daughter’s socks in the nest, she closed the connection between the grieving mother and the bird tightly protecting her chicks.

Besides pointing to the bird, Lilly also finds the right enemy in this bird which seems to mean all the problems in her life. (The Starling) Without repeated attempts to intimidate, all of Lilly’s methods fail. However, he refused to give up. This is very similar to Lilly’s life, which seems to be full of problems with her husband, at work, and with her grief. However, Lilly does not give up, and in the end, it is like learning to live with a bird, learning to live with other problems.

The closing scene of the film by Jack and Lilly wearing protective helmets and sniffing out the birds of the garden in their garden illustrates how the two of them decided to meet the challenges of life together and not let their marriage end. Instead of fearing the birds or trying to kill themselves, Lilly and Jack chose to live with them, as it were, choosing to live with the grief of losing their daughter. The Starling.


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