The Princess Diaries’ Turns 20: Where Is The Cast Now?

The Princess Diaries

“The Princess Diaries’ Turns 20.” The movie celebrated its anniversary on July 29 and fans who believe Mia Thermopolis as Anne Hathaway found out she was a princess 20 years ago.

There has been a lot of talk about the third installment of the movie, which would have followed Mia becoming queen and perhaps falling in love with Nicholas. The second film, The Princess Diaries 2: The Royal Engagement, showed Mia working for equal rights over who she would marry, and even though she opposed Meg Cabot’s books, everyone felt for her to find true love.

Director Gary Marshall passed away before another film was made and there are rumors that Mindy Kaling may be doing the job. After twenty years, will the first characters return? We certainly hope so. Know about The Princess Diaries, Cast.

1 Anne Hathaway

The star of the movie, Queen Mia Thermopolis, is portrayed by Anne Hathaway. The Princess Diaries has elevated the actor to fame, and he is still one of Hollywood’s greatest actors to this day. This past year, he also celebrated 15 years of Diablo Wears Prada and met almost the cast.

Hathaway has also shot two films, Locked Down, a romantic heist comedy film, and Sesame Street, expected to be released in 2022. About television, he appeared on the race track RuPaul’s Drag Race. And he is currently starring in the Amazon Original Series, Solos, an amazing series of the anthology. Look for Hathaway in the upcoming series, We Crashed. In addition to acting, Hathaway is busy caring for her two children and her husband, Adam Shulman.

2 Julie Andrews

The Queen herself, Julie Andrews played Queen Clarice and Mia’s grandmother. With the second movie The Princess Diaries, he retired and gave his grandson a role, so hopefully, when it comes to the third movie, at least he will appear.

About how you are doing now? Yes, he is currently starring narrator Lady Whistledown on Netflix’s program, Bridgerton. Back in June, Andrews honored Dick Van Dyke at the Kennedy Center Honors. He played alongside Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. In November, Andrews will be honored at the annual Life Film Achievement Award at the American Film Institute, after a year and a half postponement.

3 Héctor Elizondo

Héctor Elizondo played the role of Joseph “Joe,” the queen, and eventually Mia, the film’s director. He became the most influential father in Mia’s life and retired from the second movie after marrying the queen, so again, hopefully, he will appear in the third movie The Princess Diaries if possible.

Fans will be happy to know that you are still imitating. He plays the role of George in the music film, Music, released earlier this year. Also, from a documentary, Rita Moreno: A Girl Just Decided To Take It As She Acted. As for TV, Elizondo has just spent ten years in Last Man Standing as Ed Alzate, playing the role of Mike Baxter (Tim Allen).

4 Mandy Moore

Remember when Mandy Moore aka Lana Thomas, killed her performance for “Stupid Cupid?” He and Mia were fighting for the same boy, Josh Bryant, but in the end, they seemed to be members of the community. However, he did not appear in the second movie The Princess Diaries.

Currently, Moore is starring in NBC’s most popular award-winning drama, This Is Us. He also revived his music career and released an EP last year. In March this year, she adopted her first child, August, and her husband Taylor Goldsmith.

5 Heather Matarazzo

Heather Matarazzo, who also posted a birthday message, played the role of Lilly Moscovitz, Mia’s best friend and activist for many causes. Moscovitz appeared less in the second film because Mia would not have gotten married without her best friend, so she may be in future films. The Princess Diaries.

Matarazzo has been active since then and is heavily involved in directing and field service. He works with his wife, comedian, and writer Heather Turman. She is also at TikTok, where she talks about her life and her previous roles.

6 Robert Schwartzman

Robert Schwartzman played Michael Moscovitz, the brother of Lilly and Mia. Although it looked like the two met at the end of the movie, he didn’t appear in the sequel, booking fans. They were not together, as Mia was looking for a future husband. From there, Robert Schwartzman turned to the roles behind the camera. Along with acting and directing, Schwartzman is also a member of Rooney’s band, best known for the song “When Was Your Heart Lost?” The Princess Diaries.

7 Chris Pine

Chris Pine did not appear in the first movie (The Princess Diaries) but was a significant part of the franchise. He played Sir Nicholas, a man who was trying to take over the throne of Genova in Mia, but ended up falling in love with her. And I hope it can be her romantic interest in case number three happens.

Pine was recently starring in Wonder Woman 1984 and has a few upcoming roles. Action Violence, Don’t Worry Darling, and All the Old Knives are after production. He is currently recording a movie adaptation of the game Dungeons & Dragons, which is expected to be released in 2023. Pine has been dating British actress Annabelle Wallis since 2018.

8 Erik Von Detten

The heart of the movie, Josh Bryant, was played by Erik von Detten. However, von Detten did not return for a second The Princess Diaries movie and may not return for a third. His last film role was in 2010. The former actor is now working a regular job and is married.

Last March, he and his wife, Angela, adopted their first child, Claire, last year with their second child, Thomas. Yes! spoke with Erik von Detten in January, and explained why he had stopped acting.

9 Caroline Goodall

Caroline Goodall, played Helen Thermopolis, an artist, and Mia’s mother. He always encouraged Mia to follow his heart when the princess (The Princess Diaries) came and eventually married Mia’s English teacher, Mr. O’Connell, and they had a baby together. We saw Mia’s brother, Trevor, in the second movie.

Goodall is still starring and currently owns two films, The Islander and The Bay of Silence, after being released. He also appeared in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard this year.

10 Sean O’Bryan

Sean O’Bryan, who played the role of Patrick O’Connell, is still active. Hopefully, she will be back with Goodall to play their role again in the (The Princess Diaries) third movie, as she once appeared at Mia’s wedding in the next game.

O’Bryan has been busy this year playing in a 9-1-1 episode: Lone Star. She was also featured in the film, Boy Makes Girl, this year. Not much is known about this film other than that it has to be a sci-fi movie.


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