The Night House’s Haunted House Should Get You Excited For Hellraiser

The Night House

The Night House is a brand new film by director David Bruckner, which brings the audience to the perspective of a woman facing unimaginable loss and trying to deal with her uncertainty – and the world – that she created. While the grandiose and silent film is compared to the beautiful portraits of the Hellraiser franchise, The Night House should be particularly appealing to any Pinhead fan and his twisted agents before the Bruckner-helmed Hellraiser film is coming to Hulu in 2022.

The Night House Movie

The Night House

The Night House and Hellraiser are not participants in many high-quality similarities, except that both films explore aspects of life with supernatural powers in play. The 1987 Hellraiser – directed by Clive Barker – introduced the Cenobites, a race of mysterious and fearsome demons revealed to the Cotton family when the mysterious box ends up in them. In the meantime,

Night House is a quiet and very thoughtful story about Beth (Rebecca Hall) trying to understand and deal with the loss of her husband Owen (Evan Jonigkeit) after a mysterious suicide. The latter is a silent film as a whole relying on the heavy and black form to provoke controversy, while Hellraiser fully embraces a series of gory black and often sexually explicit images.

But at the heart of both of these films is the focus of the human condition and the question of what happens when they encounter something completely impersonal. In both of these films, there is a vivid reflection of what life should be like and expresses deep love for certain things of the world.

Questions of supernatural power often force the main characters to face the dark realities of the vast universe and themselves. At the end of the day, there are things that are not easy to understand for mortals and it is important that you live the best life you can. It all paints a world of calculations that would not easily fit, with the power at work (Cenobites in Hellraiser, Death at The Night House) that could not be worked on or agreed upon.

In either case, the world itself seems to revolve around human opponents in various places. Circumstances that eventually catch the main characters in their films share fear and uncertainty with the world around them.

Kirsty Cotton’s run of the otherworldly size of the Cenobites in Hellraiser in many ways is as frightening and disturbing as the twisted walls and movable halls of The Night House that chase Beth. Bruckner handles the direction of this series at The Night House especially with a keen eye for movement and vision, to keep Beth moving without pressuring the audience. Amazing condition and brightness of the solid film in general.


Night House also has a natural desire to embrace and deal with the dark things of life in an enjoyable way. A film that understands the tremendous movement subtly creates the atmosphere and tensions of a world that does not always work with simple answers, only to escalate the panic and the real twist of Beth that makes the third act of the film an astonishing success. With just a drop of bloodshed, The Night House’s third fiery act is more terrifying than most horror films that lasted all of its actions.

Bruckner already has a great deal of experience in shock, given his most recent projects. But The Night House feels like a step forward beyond those projects and should give any follower of the Clive Barker seminar series great hopes for the future.

Night House is currently in theaters when Hellraiser came to Hulu in 2022.


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