Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 14 Release Date, Synopsis & Recap

Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 14

Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 14.” In Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 13, Tyler and Catelynn set up a sex exposure test and found the result. Mackenzie traveled to Oklahoma, his hometown, to the surprise of his father, who was suffering from depression, and he actively helped him to cope. The events of this week’s episode are set to recap. ‘Know about Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 14.

Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 14: Release Date

Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 14′ will be aired on September 14, 2021, at 8 PM ET on MTV Network. Now that the mid-season break is over, new episodes of the hour will be played every Tuesday evening at the same time. If there are any changes to the schedule, we will keep you informed.

Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 14: Synopsis

Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 14 is ‘A Late Day and a Dollar Short.’ It will feature Cheyenne approaching her third trimester. He would have wanted Cory to be more involved with Ryder and help him out even though Cory’s plan was packed. Without Catelynn’s hesitation, Tyler would consider trying ketamine treatment. There is also an important day in the program as Mackenzie and her family commemorate the death of their late mother and celebrate.

Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 13: Recap

In Teen Mom OG Season 9 Episode 13 ‘Don’t Forsake Me,’ things changed when Tyler and Catelynn learned the sex of their unborn child through a home test. They already had two daughters – Nova and Vaeda – so they really wanted their next child to be a boy. However, it was another girl. Although they were not very happy, Tyler assured Catelynn that she would still be happy to raise another child.

Meanwhile, Mackenzie traveled to Oklahoma to surprise his father. It had been six months since he last went home, so he thought it was time for him to reconnect with his roots. In doing so, he caught his father collecting junk food in his room which Mackenzie first saw. He gathered other family members and held the intervention of his father. Going on, Amber found out that her daughter Leah was unwilling to forgive her. He had been in prison for 17 months and had lost touch with his daughter.

In addition, Amber gave birth to another son, James, with whom she has been heavily involved since then. So that would not keep him busy. Later, out of anger and frustration, he went on an Instagram rant calling Kristina, Gary’s wife, a “domestic burglar.” This public announcement was a source of great frustration for Kristina, who then shared the story with Gary. Meanwhile, Cheyenne is six months pregnant, but after her next appointment as a doctor, Zach was furious with her for not calling her when the baby’s heartbeat was.


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