Spice and Wolf Will There Ever Be a Season 3? What to Expect!

Spice & Wolf

Spice and Wolf, Not all fictional stories revolve around swords and magic, as Spice and Wolf has proven that trade and travel can be just as attractive in a fun anime setting. Following the wolf goddess Holo the Werewolf and the traveling merchant Lawrence, the series has long attracted fans with its herdsmen and cunning actors. However, the final episode of Spice & Wolf was aired in 2009, meaning that for the past ten years fans have seen the entertainment of the Hall continue.

Spice and Wolf started out as a simple series of novels before discovering manga, anime, and visual adaptation of the novel. While the brightest novels are constantly updated – the latest coming out of 2019 – the anime seems to have been left behind long after the end of Season 2. When can anime fans re-enter the Wisewolf cart again? Here’s what is known about Spice and Wolf Season 3’s chances so far.

Spice and Wolf: Plot 

A former worship goddess of the harvest, Wisewolf Hall occupied the city with its many years of the wheat harvest. However, when the townspeople forgot him and called him a “changing god,” he decided to travel around the world to see how things had changed. That cunning 600-year-old wolf takes the form of a young girl and quarrels with a traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence who agrees to let him join her on the street.

The story of Spice & Wolf builds from there, his ingenuity helps the duo grow their profits with MacGyver their way around sticky situations. As the journey progresses, the two eventually grow closer to each other, transforming the genre into love as well as a fairy tale.

Before Spice & Wolf collected its anime fanbase in 2008, Isuna Hasekura’s light novel series had been circulating for two years and continued to be released during and after a long two-season anime season. From 2006-2011, 17 novels and continuous series were published in 2016 as well as a spin-off series entitled Wolf and Parchment: New Theory Spice & Wolf, which came out in Volume 6 on March 2021.

Spice and Wolf: Will There Be A Season 3?

Spice & Wolf

While fans of Spice and Wolf’s bright variety of genres are obsessed with content, those who want the taste of cartoons are left wanting for a decade. When Isuna Hasekura visited the story in 2016, there were high hopes that the anime would finally get Season 3, but after five years of peace, it is unlikely that the revival of the bright novel will affect the continuation of the anime.

While the anime, manga, and Spice & Wolf novels are not well-matched, often skipping or joking about the fields, there is still a lot of source content that is ready for editing. There are currently 22 volumes of simple Spice & Wolf novels, most of which have never been published.

Sadly, despite the insistence of fans, Hasekura, who is also the founder of the show, has expressed his reluctance to create Season 3.

Few anime come back after such a long hiatus, but it’s not entirely sound. Full Metal Panic !, for example, is back after 13 years, so nothing can be completely removed. Maybe Hasekura will have a flexible heart and provide fans with the much-anticipated anime adaptation – but it doesn’t suggest fans hold their breath in anticipation.


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