Shaman King: What Is Hao’s Motivation for the Shaman Kingdom?

Shaman King

Shaman King 2021’s anime relaunch changes some details here and there from the first show of 2001 to be more in line with the lies. Another completely real change, however, is the re-introduction of Hao right into the first scene, making the villain a central character from the get-go. Apart from this, his reasons, at least for those unfamiliar with the series, remain a mystery.

Shaman King Season 1

The end of season 1 of Shaman King sheds light on who Hao is, but keeps his actions confusing to reveal later. There are several trails everywhere, however, informing newcomers why Hao has a vendetta against almost all who stand in his way. 

Hao appears briefly in the first half of Shaman King Season 1, giving him a cold and insightful presence that makes it clear how threatening he is. When the Shaman Fight officially begins, Hao attacks several friends of protagonist Yoh Asakura, mocking them brutally while being admired by his fans.

Liliana of the Seminole Tribe shows Yoh and combines the history of her people with the Patch Tribe, which are not the kind witches Silva led to faith. A massacre from hundreds of years ago was passed in which a man led the Patch against Seminole, killing many of them. This leader is almost like Silva but also very similar to Hao. This pre-rebirth of Hao is confirmed when he later kills Lilirara and tells her that this is one of his lives. As he dies, he also claims that his intentions are to avenge himself on the human race a little earlier.

Remember that Sham King has a certain natural foundation after all his war, which can be used to explain why Hao is doing what he is doing. He wants to be the Shaman King to gain power and control over the world and then rebuild it in his image. Therefore, we can find that this new Hao world plan will not involve people.

Modern-day people and society are mistreated in the Shaman King, in the sense of being balanced and in harmony with nature and the spirits shown as a highly esteemed concept. People are considered weak spirits because of their personal motives, desires, and haughtiness, with the numbers of Silva’s animals, and even the ridicule of human spirits. Therefore, removing environmentalists, who are not shamans from the world, will remove the weak and are said to bring about equality in the world.

Shaman King

There is also the issue of racism which the show has touched on briefly so far. Manta’s materialistic parents are shocked and ashamed of their son for being friends with hippie shaman-like Yoh, fearing how it could affect him and their lives. Yoh’s girlfriend Anna also notes that Yoh didn’t have many friends because ordinary people would ostracize her because of her shaman’s power, making her happy nature a shield. Hao’s revenge on the people maybe for the same reasons, he wants to insult them by trying to oppress shamans like him.

Long-time fans of the source information will already be able to get in and out of Hao’s driving drive, but those who get into Sham King’s resume can combine these pieces and begin to see where the person came from before Shaman King season 2.


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