Scissor Seven Season 4

“Scissor Seven Season 4.” ‘Scissor Seven’ is an animated series of seven, a terrifying amnesiac bounty hunter in his career, and often ends up following the wrong person in his murder assignments. To pay off his debt, he works as a hairdresser during the day and tries his best to regain his memories.

His quest to regain the lost past often puts him in danger, but the humorous hero always finds a way out despite his limited abilities. Since its premiere on April 25, 2018, the killer comedy scenes have delighted viewers around the world.

The busy series has gained a huge following worldwide following and has also gained the acclaim of critics for its humorous and engaging dialogue. Now, know about Scissor Seven Season 4.

Release Date: Scissor Seven Season 4 Episode 1

Scissor Seven Season 3’ was first aired on October 3, 2021, on Netflix. The third installment consists of ten episodes with a watching time of 15 minutes each. Prior to the international release of the giant, the animated game was broadcast in China from January to May 2021 on Tuesday, Tencent Video, Youku, QIYI, and Sohu Video.

According to Scissor Seven Season 4, Individuals or companies involved in producing the previous season have not officially confirmed the revival of the fourth season of the series. The future of the animated show relies heavily on its home reception, where it has done surprisingly well over the past few years. Higher and better reviews in the West and around the world are now an added incentive.

While it’s too early to speculate on whether viewers outside of China would like the third season or not, the final episode ends in a cliffhanger with Seven battling the effects of dark snow poisoning, which slowly erases his memories and makes him weak.

The unfulfilled conclusion reflects the active interest of the creators to come up with another season that seems logical in the context of its ever-growing global fanbase and high standards. The features mentioned above probably ensure that the animated series will come back with another installment.

If the show is revived in the coming months, it may be released in China by mid-2022. However, foreign fans can wait a long time before them. Earlier, the animated series was released six months on average after its completion in China. Keeping that in mind, we can assume that Scissor Seven Season 4 will be aired in 2022 or 2023.

Plot: Scissor Seven Season 4

At the end of Scissor Seven Season 3, Thirteen wakes up in an unexpected dream about her life that makes her cry. However, before he can think it through, he realizes that Seven is missing. He immediately decides to protect his friend and begins searching for her. But when she found him, seven of them were in a bad condition. The protagonist fights the effects of black ice poisoning, which gradually takes away his precious memories and makes him weak.

With the killing of Shadow Manjusaka, Shimen, and Blackbird they seem to have decided to release seven, now there are only thirteen on their way. While Manjusaka watched, he fought a brutal battle with the Blackbird. With the power of thousands of demons, thirteen fortunes, fortunately, made a difference in his abilities with the evil one and somehow he was able to defeat him.

Scissor Seven

As the black ice of the ice spreads rapidly, seven, unfortunately, find themselves somewhere. It took him a long time to get used to his new reality making friends on Chicken Island. When all those memories are gone, the protagonist is faced with an uncertain future.

Moreover, although Thirteen defeats Blackbird in a spectacular battle, it is unclear what the next step for Manjusaka and Shimmen will be. Next season is likely to answer these two questions, and fans will hopefully somehow the seven will be able to save themselves from the worst effects of the dark snow poisoning and start his best mistakes again. Scissor Seven Season 4.


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