RHOBH Season 11 Episode 21 Release Date & Recap

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Episode 21

“RHOBH Season 11 Episode 21.” In RHOBH Season 11 Episode 20, the controversy stems from a Chinese New Year event hosted by Crystal. Erika and Sutton’s animosity has turned into a “Secret War” problem as the former has no intention of rekindling their friendship. The power of Garcelle and Rinna also formed something similar. Know about RHOBH Season 11 Episode 21.


Spoilers: RHOBH Season 11 Episode 21 

RHOBH Season 11 Episode 21 will begin four special Reunion special episodes, where key questions will be asked, and secrets will be revealed. It will also be interesting to see what Erika has to say about her long battle with Sutton when they meet.

Joining the two could be Rinna, Kyle, Garcelle, Dorit, Crystal, and Kathy as Andy Cohen shows off their journey throughout the current season. In addition, Kathy is determined to get rid of the beans with a few arguments she likes to call “bringing receipts.” 


Release Date: RHOBH Season 11 Episode 21 

RHOBH Season 11 Episode 21 will be released on October 13, 2021, at 8 PM ET on Bravo Network. From next week onwards, the show will release a series.


Recap: RHOBH Season 11 Episode 20

In RHOBH Season 11 Episode 20,’ the ladies attended the Chinese New Year event organized by Crystal at an Asian restaurant. It was customary that he lived in his heart, but one thing we all know is that we cannot hope that these ladies will keep their anger alone where they are no matter what the circumstances.

Rinna and Garcelle were the first to argue even though they said they had been trying to mend their relationship. However, the beef between Erika and Sutton is still rife with all the attention. Erika admitted that she had a reluctance to put things in perspective with Sutton and was unaware of Kyle’s advice.

She reminded Erika that some of her posts on social media might not work for her. Kyle also mentioned the problems at the dinner table, but Erika didn’t accept any of them.

Sutton tried to apologize to Erika again in order to make amends with her, but he could not put aside how he felt about the situation. In addition, PK also told Erika to consider it and leave the past behind. Erika finally said she needed more time to go with her tiff with Sutton. Eventually, Sutton went out with a man named Michael.


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