Review: We Need to Do Something Horror Movie

We Need to Do Something

Horror films set in one place can be hard to make, but IFC Midnight’s We Need to Do Something is to the event. The simplicity of the film works well. That being said, and it sounds great in its narrative selection – which makes it sound like the biggest movie with the most entertaining ratings ever made. Isolation is a pervasive feeling in today’s turbulent times. Although its script was completed before the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, We Need to Do Something by pointing to the current global struggle to feel disconnected.

We Need to Do Something Horror Movie

Directed by Sean King O’Grady and written by Max Booth III, We Need to Do Something following a family of four trapped in their bathroom after a tree fell to the ground during a storm and locked them all inside. As the days go by, it is clear that no one is coming to help the family escape the claustrophobic situation. However, the storm is not a real problem. Instead, what you are playing is a very bad thing. Things get worse when the horrors of the outside world begin to creep into the bathroom, and the teenage daughter Melissa (Sierra McCormick) realizes that all of this horrible encounter could be her fault.

We Need to Do Something makes for the most impressive use of its one-stop-shop. The bright cinematography and art direction make this bathroom sound like hell. The film plays a real role, making the space feel even bigger than it is as the family is forced to live in their bathroom indefinitely. The film is also extremely scary, though it leaves much to be desired. While the audience is given a scary program, the film also forces the viewer to immerse himself in it instead of being given the views of the film in public.

We Need to Make Four Tracks of Something that has good chemistry together and build a believing family. From the beginning, it is easy to care about the main characters, making it very difficult to see them open. Pat Healy, who plays the archbishop of the family, presents one of his most memorable plays to date at a crazy show describing Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of Jack Torrance in The Shining. Vinessa Shaw also behaves like a caring mother, but McCormick is the most prominent here. It brings to life the subtle yet powerful manifestations of young living beings who were involved in things that were beyond their heads.

We Need to Do Something

We Need to Do Something well-designed in a way that many other horror films do not. It is a complex story that uses its element of shock for careful reasons. The film combines several different horror elements that are often put together into a beautiful diabolical blend. The plot of the film plays like a completely different movie, it sounds like a modern indie version of The Craft, and the end of the film mixes all of its ideas into a clever warning that includes a big, but a subtle fist. All in all, We Need to Do Something is a visual film that not only breaks all the horror rules but rewrites them completely.

We Need to Do Something opens on Friday, September 3 at selected venues and on VOD.


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