Re-Main Season 1 Episode 7

Re-Main Season 1 Episode 7. Remain ’is a real TV sports anime based on a character named Minato Kiyoumizu, who has established himself as one of the most promising sports actors even before he reached high school. Unfortunately, as soon as he appears to reach the top, he loses consciousness for 203 days following a tragic accident. Although he recovers later but does not remember high school, Minato still feels deep in his heart and unsure of what to do with his life.

Fortunately, circumstances led him to pick up his favorite sport and begin his journey to regain his status as the “best” player of the water polo team. Let’s take a look at the highlights of this episode.

Re-Main Season 1 Episode 7 Aired Date:

Re-Main Season 1 Episode 7 will be aired on 22 August  2021 on TV Asah Network and MAPPA Network in Japan. The most popular cartoon studio has presented a program with Kiyoshi Matsuda as director. Each episode is planned for 24 minutes of watching time, so stay tuned for the latest updates. Let’s have a glimpse of this episode- Re-Main Season 1 Episode 7.

Re-Main Season 1 Episode 7 Synopsis:

Re-Main Season 1 Episode 7 will be aired on 22 August  2021 on TV Asah Network and MAPPA Network in Japan

Re-Main Season 1 Episode  6, Minato’s team changes its strategy, and instead of relying too much on one person, they come up with a plan that allows them to attack in ways they didn’t expect. They aim to register their first official victory in the July region. Minato even bought a new phone to record his game so he could learn it later and make changes to his skills.

Later they had a sleepover in which they confessed their secrets. While Shuugo talks about his parent’s divorce, Minato opens up about the fear of losing memories he made after his accident when his old memories come back. He expresses gratitude for working with such a large group of players who have helped him achieve his goal in life.

But for some reason, Yoshiharu remains very quiet and constructive all the time. When he disappeared suddenly, the group suspected that he was going to kill himself. However, when questioned, Yoshiharu explained that he was upset that he had dropped the party. Minato suddenly realizes that Yoshiharu can shoot well if he is aggressive and screaming while throwing.

When they examine his theory, it turns out that Yoshiharu is naturally gifted and can shoot really well. In episode 8, Minato’s water polo team will come up with a more advanced strategy to deceive its rivals. With the upcoming games, they will work to the best of their ability because they will not have time to rest and relax after their game.


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