Know About Raise a Glass To Love Movie Filming Locations

Raise a Glass To Love

Raise a Glass To Love is a romantic comedy that follows Jenna, who hopes to become a Master Sommelier. Eager to explore her legacy and learn more, Jenna returns to the family winery. When a young woman meets Argentine winemaker Marcelo. What follows is a beautiful love story set behind an amazing vineyard. ‘Raise a Glass to Love’ is a movie that is sure to leave a picture with its captivating story and romantic plot. Know about Raise a Glass To Love movie.

Raise a Glass to Love Movie Filming Locations

The Raise a Glass To Love film is set in Sonoma County, part of California’s Wine Country. It is also the largest wine producer in the area. Therefore, it is worthwhile to use this Hallmark movie as a setting. Seeing that films and television programs are not always shot in the air, the area used for this film is undoubtedly seen as a beautiful state of California. So, is ‘Lift up the glass to please’ in place? 

Kelowna, British Columbia Location

‘Raise a Glass To Love’ was filmed mainly in Kelowna, British Columbia. The film is a perfect ode to the beauty of the Canadian region. A wonderfully beautiful city built on natural swamps and located in the Okanagan Valley. The area is dotted with lush tropical forests, lush gardens, rolling hills, and countless vineyards. The city of Kelowna itself offers a rustic beauty, a small town, and home to a beautiful harbor and many other attractions.

Suggest Raise a Glass To Love ’was recorded mainly on the many vineyards around Kelowna. Incredible Vineyards provided the film with natural yet fascinating backgrounds that perfectly reflected the beauty of the California Wine Country. Even screenwriter Laura Rohrman, who grew up in Sonoma County, admitted that Kelowna did justice to the reality of the film.

In addition, filming films at creepy creations was a good thing for actors and actors, as can be seen in the beautiful photos they shared on social media. As the region is popular among filmmakers, Kelowna serves as the site for several films such as ‘A Vineyard Romance,’ ‘Daughter of the Wolf,’ and ‘A Score to Settle’. ‘British Columbia is a powerful place that offers a wide range of settings, including major cities, beautiful villages, nature reserves, and beautiful vineyards. Filmmakers have long admired the province for its kaleidoscopic style.


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