Platinum End Season 1 Episode 2

“Platinum End Season 1 Episode 2.”  ‘Platinum End’ is a supernatural fantasy from the creators of ‘Death Note. ‘The show follows a depressed boy named Mirai Kakehashi, who was an orphan at a young age and was forced to live with his abusive relatives. After graduating from high school, the main character decided to end his misery and meaningless life. But when he jumps from a high-rise building, an angel saves him a few times before he hits the road.

It gives him supernatural powers and makes Mirai his chosen one to be the next world god. Now in 999 days, he has to defeat all the other participants who are ready to go to any length to get what they want. Know about Platinum End Season 1 Episode 2.

Release Date: Platinum End Season 1 Episode 2 

Platinum End Season 1 Episode 2 will be released on October 15, 2021. in Japan, We will be playing at various times on BS11, TBS,  and other Networks. The series will be released in two episodes that will play a total of 24 episodes. Signal. M.D. founded the series with Hideya Takahashi acting director (first part only) and Shinichi Inotsume leading the writing staff.

Spoilers: Platinum End Season 1 Episode 2 

In Platinum End Season 1 Episode 1, Mirai looks back on some memorable moments of her past life while her parents were still alive, and she has not lived with her abusive relatives. The joys of those times are now replaced by depression and despair.

Without hope for a better future, Mirai headed for the top of the tall building and jumped without regrets wishing she had been happier. Fortunately, just a few feet from the ground, an angel named Nasse catches her and saves her life.

Although Mirai just wants to be left alone and end her tragic existence, her guardian angel promises to help her find purpose in life so that she can finally be happy. It gives him extraordinary strength to fly anywhere and makes people love him.

After a short trip around the world, Nasse reveals the dark truth that Mirai’s uncle and aunt killed his parents for insurance money, and they did not die by accident.

Terrified by an unexpected revelation, the protagonist quickly headed for his home, where he asked his aunt about the sudden death of his parent using his persuasive powers. Remorseful of his involvement in this heinous crime, he admits that his uncle killed them because of his greed. Unable to think clearly, Mirira tells her aunt to die, not knowing that she will take her words for granted and actually commit suicide.

Three days after this tragic incident, the main character is still struggling to figure out what happened with his aunt. When he opened up to Nesse about his financial problems, he advised the young man to kill his uncle and his children so that they could get their property.

The guardian angel also reveals that he is now competing with the next god, and in 999 days, he must conquer some of God’s people who will rule over the earth.

In Platinum End Season 1 Episode 2, Mirai will begin to use her supernatural abilities with confidence after she eventually passed away at the death of her aunt. He may meet another person who will run in God’s election and begin to see the enormity of the danger around him. Platinum End Season 1 Episode 2.


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