One Piece Episode 988 Release Date, Synopsis: What’s The Next Chapter

One Piece Episode 988

One Piece Episode 988, One of the most influential and all-time anime shows, its presented the life and adventures of its hero, Monkey D. Luffy, the infamous pirate captain. Luffy grew up praising the “Red-Haired” Shanks and wanted to find a titular treasure someday, which was the beginning of Pirate King Gol D. Roger. With the departure of the first part of the series, Luffy is hiring a few talented people to become the Straw Hat Pirates. The anime is based on a shounen manga series by Eiichiro Oda. It is currently in its 20th season. In conquered to know more let’s take a snapshot of this episode – One Piece Episode 988.

One Piece Episode 988 Aired Date:

One Piece Episode 988 is Reinforcements Arrive! The Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates! ‘, will be aired on 22 August 2021. Produced by Tooei Animation Studio, which also created other well-known anime such as’ Dorohedoro’ and ‘Dragon Ball Z.’ Tatsuya Nagamine, Kōhei Kureta, and Aya Komaki are currently linked to the series as directors, with Shōji Yonemura overseeing the document. Kohei Tanaka and Shirō Hamaguchi provide music. You would be quite curious to know about the next page of the story that you eagerly waiting for, so your wait ends here and we would like to invite you to know about a glimpse of the story.

One Piece Episode 988 Synopsis:

One Piece Episode 988

One Piece Episode 987,’Reinforcements Arrive! The Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates!’ Even though He Was Beaten by Kid, Apoo stands up and begins to take revenge. Queen tells the Beast Pirates that they can kill those who enter. Wanting to become a member of Tobiroppo, Haccha attacks Kid and others, but they are able to continue the work.

Meanwhile, all the other attackers entered the palace. Kin’emon realizes that the map they have is now out of date. He and his group find themselves in what is thought to be a fun district. However, with Kaido’s troops gone to face Luffy and the others, the fun district is empty. The episode ends as Who’s Who tells some of his boys to ignore what Luffy and his teammates are doing and get Yamato.

Recalling Queen’s comments, Who’s Who says she wants to kill someone in her inner monologue. In episode 988, Big Mom’s band can try to enter the Land of Wano. Marco the Phoenix, the former first-team manager of the Whitebeard Pirates, is likely to be the one to stop them.


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