Nicole Jimeno Labeled A Spiteful Sister To Pedro

Nicole Jimeno
Image By Instagram

Family Chantel’s 3rd season marks Nicole Jimeno becoming the main villain, and Pedro Nicole Jimeno’s sister is now accused of abusing her brother. Nicole does not remember well in connection with the star of the show and Pedro’s wife Chantel Jimeno. However, fans of The Family Chantel now think that Nicole betrayed her brother Pedro by spreading rumors about him cheating on Chantel and her best friend Coraima.

Nicole Jimeno and her mother Lidia have been rubbing the fans in the wrong way. While the Chantel family, the Everett family, is best known for their sport, the Jimeno family is not known for their good behavior. The preview of season 3 of The Family Chantel shows a confrontation between Pedro’s boyfriend and Nicole’s fiancée Nicole Alejandro which escalates into a fight between Pedro and Alejandro. An angry Nicole Jimeno who appears to have retaliated later decides to announce in embarrassment to Chantel that Pedro is sleeping with her best friend Coraima.

One Reddit account shared a clip of Nicole announcing Pedro’s cheating on Reddit. Nicole seems to be satisfied with dispelling the rumors and could seriously hurt Chantel and Pedro, an act that has shocked fans since Pedro is her brother. “How could a sister throw her brother under the bus, just to attack his wife.” commented one who commented above.

Many commentators agreed that Nicole was not interested in her brother. “She and her mother remind me of Asuelu’s mother and sister that [they don’t care a little bit] about what happens to her marriage as long as she has her green card, she works and sends them a big part of her check!” wrote another fan.

While Chantel’s family and family are said to be admirable, many viewers understand why Chantel will not be happy with her in-laws from the Dominican Republic to the US. Given Nicole Jimeno’s treatment of Chantel in the clip, fans expect her to be a major villain. “And then expect him to be completely cool by living with them in America,” wrote one confused commentator. Some are surprised that The Family Chantel is returning for its third season given its dirty and repetitive drama. However, switching to include a larger portion of the program in the Dominican Republic may add another twist to the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off.

That Pedro really cheated on Chantel and Coraima remains to be seen, but viewers are skeptical that these rumors are true. Pedro stunned fans by sharing his fake rumors on Instagram this week, which led some fans to call the game a scratch. While viewers have questioned the legitimacy of the drama in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, many no longer admire Nicole Jimeno for her brilliant, surprising, and white demeanor. Viewers can find the families of Jimeno and Everett on October 11 when The Family Chantel season 3 begins.


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