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On February 12, 2021, Nicki Minaj’s father Robert Maraj was hit by a car crash and ran off the road in Mineola, New York. He died the next day in hospital at the age of 64. The singer’s mother Carol Maraj has filed a $ 150 million lawsuit against the man in connection with the crash. The Superbass singer himself has not issued a public statement on the tragic incident.

Nicki Minaj Turbulent Relationship With Her Late Father

However, Minaj has been open about her difficult relationship with her late father. Early in her life, Nicki Minaj was already exposed to the devastating effects of domestic violence and drug addiction that could have devastated families. An Anaconda physician even saw his father as the kind of man he would never want to be with. But what exactly is their relationship before graduation?

Nicki Minaj raised $ 85 million, prompted by her driver to protect her mother. He told Rolling Stone in 2010, “When I first arrived in America, I would go into my room and kneel at my bedside and pray that God would enrich me so that I could take care of my mother. Because it always seemed that if I cared for my mother, my mother would not stay with my father. pains. “

A Billboard chart recorder and record-breaker said “there was a lot of shouting” and “holes tied to the walls in anger.” His father even burned down the house at the same time. “I was disappointed in my dad, I just wanted him to be Daddy and be the happy person I remember, and I was scared, very scared, that something was going to happen to my mom. I had nightmares about it,” Nicki Minaj said. same conversation. He really lived in fear of his father and what he could do to his mother who worked hard to give him a good life.

Despite all the pain Robert Maraj caused by the family, Minaj and her mother found a way to forgive him. Some years later, Maraj went into rehab. “She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up,” the Chun-Li physician told The Guardian in 2012. “Eventually [my parents] started going to church a lot, he was saved and started to change his life. He is far from drugs now. He is no longer afraid of the fear of people.”

Nicki Minaj seemed to be working on rebuilding his relationship with his father when he finished all the work. Even so, he went through a rough patch in his teenage years when he vowed that he would never see his loved one again. He said, “I vowed I would never let any man control me or be an alcoholic or anything like that around me because I don’t want my kids to see that.”

The physician’s first child must have brought his father much joy. Perhaps at the time when Minaj was keeping herself afloat after the birth of a child, she was accustomed to establishing strong family ties with her husband Kenneth Petty and her parents.

Nicki Minaj still doesn’t feel ready to talk about her father’s passing. It is still a sensitive topic for the therapist. About May 2021, he wrote on his website, “Tho [sic] I can’t come with me to discuss my father’s death right now; I can say it was the most tragic loss in my life. I find myself wanting to call him all the time. So much now that he’s gone. Life is so funny. May his soul rest in paradise. He was greatly loved and will be greatly missed. “

The multi-award-winning rapper also gave his fans a preview of what he had been doing. He said he spends his free time recording his new album. He has also announced that he is working on the upcoming HBO Max documentary series. Nicki Minaj recently returned to work on Instagram, chatting with crazy fans about the rapper’s revival of her Beam Me Up album, Scotty.

Of course, Barbz is still hoping for a new album but they are very happy that the rapper is back on his feet and back on his throne. Looks like we should be surprised by Nicki Minaj’s next move.

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