Netflix’s Maid: Why Alex Didn’t Go To College?


Why didn’t Alex (Margaret Qualley) from Netflix’s Maid go to college when she was first accepted? Services are open with Alex fleeing his ex-boyfriend who abused Sean (Nick Robinson) and their two-year-old daughter Maddy (Rylea Nevaeh Whittet). With no one to turn to for help, Alex should try to support both of them on his own without any savings or job opportunities. Alex eventually got a job with a low-paying home cleaning company that allowed him to have access to adequate housing or child care.

Netflix’s Maid Film

In his few moments of freedom in all denominations, Alex appears to be writing in his journal about the homes he cleans, and a background appearance on Netflix‘s Maid (based on a true story) reveals that Alex wanted to be a writer.

He had previously applied, enrolled at the University of Montana, and was eligible for a scholarship through a scholarship. Hoping that college graduation would help lift her and her daughter out of poverty, Alex finally applied and fulfilled his dream of moving to Missoula for a better life.

So why didn’t Alex stop there years ago when he first entered his dream school? The girl never clearly stated the answer, but the timeline reveals the truth: She had planned to move to Missoula four years before the Maid started, and Maddy is celebrating her third birthday during the Netflix series.

That summer before starting college, Alex found out she was pregnant and, perhaps, Sean did not want to go with her. Going backward reveals that Sean did not want her to keep the baby at first, so convincing her to go with him would not have been possible.

The promotion of Netflix’s services, Stephanie Land’s Reminder Book: Hard Work, Low Payment, and Mother’s Will for Life, goes into detail in the author’s choice to live in his hometown. The world explains that he wanted to give the baby’s father, whom he called Jamie in the memo, the opportunity to be a parent; Going to college as planned would mean moving to another country, and that would take her daughter from her father.

The Netflix Maid does not show Sean’s transition between not wanting a child at all and feeling a strong right to be healthy in his daughter’s life, but he may have convinced Alex (perhaps through intimidation and deception) that staying in his hometown of Port Hampstead, Washington is a better choice for Maddy. Regardless of how little Alex wanted his family to be involved in Maddy’s life, knowing that his mother was near would also comfort him.

In the end, Alex probably chose not to go to college at Maid’s Netflix because she was pregnant. Maybe she thought it would be too hard to raise a child and go to college alone, or maybe she was just skeptical, because of the years of emotional abuse she had experienced.

Happily, with the support of others, she was able to regain her self-confidence and a renewed sense of purpose, which encouraged her to pursue her dreams again. In all the heavy themes, Maid also promises viewers that dreams should be kept since, at the end of the game, Alex finally drives her and Maddy to Missoula to learn to write creatively.


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