Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date, Synopsis

Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5

Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5.”  ‘Mo Dao Zu Shi’ or ‘Founder of Diabolism’ Wanjie Pian’ is a Tv series of xianxia action-adventure donghua. Around Wei Wuxian, founder of Demonic Cultivation and former student of the Yunmeng Jiang Clan. Thirteen years ago, he was killed during the first siege of the cemetery. Thanks to Mo Xuanyu’s devotional rites, Wei Wuxian returns to the dying world and reunites with his friend Lan Wangji.

Donghua premiered on July 9, 2018. Season 3 premiered on 7 August 2021. Know about Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5.

Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5 Release Date

Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5, will be aired on 28 August 2021, on Tencent Video. Studio B.CMAY PICTURES developed the Tv series, while Tencent Penguin Pictures produced it.

Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5 Synopsis

In Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 4 ‘Dream,’ one young man complains that only 13 oppressive charms will not stop Xue Yang. Wei Wuxian uses Empathy so that he and Lan Wangji can see the memories of A-Qing. They saw Xiao Xingchen longing for Xue Yang’s injury. A-Qing, you can really see, warns Xiao Xingchen of Xue Yan, but Xiao Xingchen assures him that Xue Yan will leave when he recovers, he will leave. A-Qing doubts this and continues to pretend to be blind. The seasons change, and Xue Yan is cured, but she doesn’t go away. Familiar with his company, both A-Qing and Xiao Xingchen rested next to him.


Song Lan arrives in Yi City looking for his friend. To find out how Xue Yan used Xiao Xingchen, he attacks the first one. Suddenly, Xiao Xingchen emerges, led by the power of his sword to gain power over the corpse. Unaware that his sword was following the corpse of Song Lan, Xiao Xingchen stabbed his friend. Xue Yan then turned Song Lan into an angry corpse. After seeing what he has done, the terrible Xiao Xingchen cuts his throat.

Eventually, Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji defeated and killed Xue Yan, but then Gravedigger arrived by Transportation Talisman and took Xue Yan’s body. Wei Wuxian and Lan Wangji then handed over to Song Lan, now a fierce corpse, Xiao Xingchen’s sword and two Spirit-Trapping bags containing fragments of Xiao Xingchen’s soul and A-Qing that crashed inside them. In Mo Dao Zu Shi Season 3 Episode 5, as the Yi City issue is resolved, Wei Wuxian and others may leave the city. While living in a guesthouse, Wei Wuxian can kiss Lan Wangji. The team will later meet Lan Xichen in Tanzhou.


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