Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan’s third project for Netflix after ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ and ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor,’ Slamophobia, however, looks strange. The story revolves around the Catholic community living on the remote island of Crockett Island, where life is changing dramatically following the arrival of a new and confusing priest Father Paul (Hamish Linklater). His zeal and enthusiasm brought people back to the church. And when true miracles begin to take place throughout the island, the faith of many of the inhabitants goes beyond complete restoration. Let’s take an overview of the story – Midnight Mass.

Midnight Mass Season 1: Overview 

Midnight Mass, The show begins as Riley Flynn (Zach Gilford) returns to Crockett Island or Crock Pot (as locals call the island with love) after serving four years in prison for killing a young girl while driving under the influence of alcohol. Prior to the accident, he was a wealthy businessman living in Chicago. But now, he is a convicted murderer on parole with nothing but nightmares to torment him for the rest of his life. The people of the island are well aware of what he has done, and soon after his arrival, Riley becomes a social worker.

Riley is not the only resident forced to return to Crockett Island. Erin Greene (Kate Siegel), Riley’s childhood sweetheart, had left the island to escape her emotional and physical abuse from her mother and had married someone who was the kind of mother that was said to be, merciless and abusive. Now, back, she lives in the same house that she once shared with her mother and works as a teacher at her mother’s school.

Crockett Island has a small population of 127. The local fishing industry is very important, but a few years back, the oil spill had a devastating effect. Many of the inhabitants and their families have lived on the island for generations. For all intents and purposes, the island community is slowly marching to its death, and all its members are aware of it. Sheriff Hassan (Rahul Kohli) moved to the island with his son Ali in the past, hoping he would face the death of his wife and wanted to give his son a normal boy at the level of apartheid and islamophobia of the city. But those things foretell even in this forgotten corner of America.

The stage looks set for the arrival of the savior. And that’s what Father Paul became a local people. He said the diocese had replaced him with their elderly preacher Monsignor Pruitt after the patients became ill while traveling to Jerusalem. He quickly conquers most of his congregation with his powerful translation of loving scriptures and sermons. And that changes the whole religious zeal when miracles begin to take place.



Leeza (Annarah Cymone), the new daughter of Mayor Wade (Michael Trucco), suddenly gains strength to walk again after sitting for many years in a wheelchair due to a tragic accident. Riley’s mother, Annie (Kristin Lehman), finds that she no longer needs glasses, while her father (Henry Thomas) no longer suffers from injuries. A notable change took place in Millie, the mother of a local physician, Sarah Gunning (Annabeth Gish). Dementia disappears, and it gradually subsides over decades.

It was revealed that Monsignor Pruitt went missing in the desert in the Middle East. During the storm, he found a cave, inside he met a vampiric creature, who drank his blood and then gave him his blood. The next day, Pruitt found out that he was still young. He then returns to Crock-Pot with the creature, sincerely believing that he is an angel and can change people’s lives with his help.

However, not everyone is convinced even of the manifestation of real and tangible miracles. Riley, an atheist while in prison, continues to question the authenticity of the miracles. He becomes a vampiric creature by nature but chooses to expose himself to the sun and die in front of Erin so that he will know what he and others are facing.


At the end of the season, Midnight Mass, a converted mob led by Bev Keane (Samantha Sloyan), a religious fanatic and with the help of Father Paul, marched around the city killing the unbelievers. Father Paul repents of his actions. Erin is plotting the death of the creature, and Leeza finds a way down the island with Warren (Igby Rigney), Riley’s brother.

Leeza started using a wheelchair after Joe Collie (Robert Longstreet) accidentally shot her while intoxicated. From then on, her parents almost ran away, trying to find a cure for her. So, at the urging of Father Paul, as Leeza begins to leave, the family begins to think that God has performed a miracle through their preacher. In the days that followed, Mayor Wade and his wife helped to conceal the truth about Father Paul from other members of the congregation.

This continues even though they have seen Father Paul sometimes get very sick, drink blood, and burn whenever the sun shines. She and Bev persuaded fellow believers to attend Mass at midnight. They know that their daughter’s well-being is tied up with Father Paul and that he is serving as his traveling companion. Like everyone else in the church, Leeza drinks the blood of a creature, believing that it is wine that represents the Blood of Christ. Business blood appears to have the property of repairing damage to cells. Her spinal cord injury is recovering, and Leeza discovers that she can use her legs again.

Leeza and Warren are among the very few who do not die during the Easter suicide. As a result, they do not wake up or become wild creatures. So the next morning, when the light of dawn turns almost everyone to ashes, he and Warren remain unharmed from their boat. That’s when he told Warren that he didn’t feel his legs, which means something happened that brought his body back to the previous stage. This may be related to the Creature, who last appeared to be running away from the island, trying to win a race to the continent facing the sun. The sun had apparently caught up with her and freed Leeza from the influence of her blood.


It is evident in the last episode that Monsignor Pruitt is the father of Dr. Sarah Gunning. None other than Pruitt and Millie knew the truth, not even the latest husband. They kept it a secret all these years, firmly ending any show of affection for each other. Returning as Father Paul, Monsignor Pruitt regularly visits Millie to perform his Mass for him and to feed on the blood of the Creature. And soon, Sarah realizes that her mom is too old for that. During the last episode, Millie appears at least as young as Father Paul.

As the fast-moving crowd of vampiric creatures continues to attack, Father Paul finally realizes his folly. He admits to Millie that he brought a creature to the island to get another chance with him and Sarah. He tells her that if she had asked him, he would have been happy to leave the church. Millie responds that they would have destroyed four lives, including Sarah and her late husband if they had done so. Although Father Paul tells Sarah the truth about their relationship before she is shot and killed, she refuses to drink his blood, insisting that Father Paul is complete destruction caused by his good intentions.

Like all the islanders who have changed, Father Paul and Millie later waited for the sun to rise. The body of their dead daughter lay motionless next to them. Father Paul removes his priestly collar, choosing to have a woman he loves at the last moments of his life.


Yes, the Creator or the angel might be dead. The last time the audience saw the creature, we tried desperately to fly away from the island. In her last moments, Erin often stings the wings of a bat creature, making many holes in the small membrane. So when he tries to fly, he finds that he is not able to fly as fast or as fast as he used to.

He tried to find shelter on the island before dawn, but as all the houses burned down, he could do nothing but try to fly to the mainland, some 30 miles [30 km] away, just before sunrise. As mentioned above, it is possible to lose a race against the sun and turn to ashes. His death was announced when Leeza told Warren he could not feel his legs.

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