Lego Masters Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date, Cast & Plot

Lego Masters Season 3

Lego Masters Season 3.” Lego Masters ’is an American iteration of the famous British series with similar names. Around the participants who are challenging to build the Lego in hopes of winning a $ 100,000 prize and the prestigious Lego Masters. The series started for the first time in 2020 and has received a positive reception. The nomination of two Primetime Emmy Awards is a testament to its popularity. With brothers Mark and Steven crowned as the top performers in the second round, fans should be eager to learn if this brilliant game will return for another round. So, know about Lego Masters Season 3.

Lego Masters Season 3 Episode 1 Release Date

Lego Masters Season 3’ was first aired on June 1, 2021, on Fox Network, and the end of the season came on September 14, 2021. The Lego Masters Season 2 consists of 12 episodes with a watching time of approximately 42 minutes each.

As for Lego Masters Season 3, Fox is yet to officially launch the Lego Masters Season 3. Season 2 views dropped significantly compared to the first time, which could be a cause for network concerns. However, fans need not worry as Fox has previously played hardball in relation to the revival of the show.

Lego Masters Season 2, was officially announced almost seven months after the end of season 1. In addition, Fox did not explicitly announce the cancellation of the show. Therefore, chances are the network could light up season 3 in the coming months. All things said, Lego Masters Season 3 may be aired in 2022.

Lego Masters Season 3: Cast, Host, and Judges

‘Lego Masters’ hosted by Will Arnett, who starred in the animated 2017 film ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ as the voice of Bruce Wayne / Batman. LEGO team designers, Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett are working as judges for this series of competitions. The second season also puts Ken Jeong and Jennifer Love Hewitt on the tour. If the match is rescheduled, Arnett is likely to return as host, with Berard and Corbett returning to the bench. After a tragic shortage of guest judges for the Lego Masters Season 2, the Lego Masters Season 3 was in the hope that some celebrity judges will pass the show.

Lego Masters Season 3: Plot

At the show, the builders of the Lego competed in pairs. Each episode has a specific theme based on where participants should build their structure. The judges then took the top team and two lower teams from that week based on their performance. After the first week, the groups began to be released individually each week. However, competitors have a chance to win the Golden Brick, which gives them protection from being eliminated whenever they want.

Once the previous Golden Brick management has acquired their right, it becomes available to other competitors for their own benefit. This type of show remains unused for the first two seasons. Therefore, we expect Lego Masters Season 3 to follow the same format. A new set of 10-12 teams will appear in the new season competing for the Lego Masters Cup with prize money of $ 100,000.


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