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Kristen Stewart has been imitating them since her teenage years, so it’s no surprise to hear that her money has recently reached $ 70 million.

Thanks to a series of blockbuster beats, such as Twilight and Snow White and Huntsman, K-Stew, who fell in love with Robert Pattinson, has shown in production studios that he deserves all the pay he ordered to be given and tends to draw big numbers in the office box.

Since her first major role as Sarah Altman in the Panic Room of 2002, next to A-list star Jodie Foster, Stewart’s acting career has exploded – and it doesn’t seem like the movie’s delivery is slowing down anytime soon.

She has supported a ton of confession deals over the years, such as his recent campaigns with Chanel, all of which have helped his fortune to reach an impressive $ 70 million, but how did he get his full value?

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Kristen Stewart has had a successful acting career, which began when he found a place in the Panic Room, which soon followed the 2004 family film Catch That Kid.

In 2005, the 30-year-old was on his way to superstardom where he signed a star-like Lisa in Zathura: A Space Adventure, where he was to meet his friend and colleague Josh Hutcherson – the two have been friends since.

His acting credentials have continued to grow in a number of movies, including Into the Wild, The Cake Eaters, The Yellow Handkerchief, Jumper, and 2008’s What Just Happened. 2008 proved to be one of Stewart’s busiest years in terms of four films in 12 months, and that included the ever-famous Twilight flick.

Twilight raised $ 700 million in the box office and eventually became the biggest franchise Kristen Stewart was a part of. So, she should just have been paid a lot of money for his involvement, right?

With the first installment of the five-part proverb, Kristen Stewart and teammate Robert Pattinson received a cool $ 2 million, which seems too low considering the size of the movie, but that is probably why these people re-negotiated their subsequent contract with New Moon in 2009.

The Fierce People star had now earned $ 12 million for the second franchise film when reports claimed Kristen Stewart had made more than that amount when he signed for the third movie. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 and Breaking Dawn: Part 2 saw Stewart make another $ 12.5 million per film, bringing the total to $ 25 million.

Based on the success of Twilight’s first few films, entertainment lawyer Christopher J. Cabott told E! News of the re-negotiation of the agreement with the production studio would have been easier to see how much the franchise has benefited.

“In most cases, the cost of making the film can be completely reimbursed and the percentage of talent never played out. In a blockbuster like Twilight: New Moon, however, the cost has to be reimbursed and the percentage of talent in total profit should be equal to a good payday.”

So it is not surprising that after the release of the final film in 2012, Stewart was named Hollywood’s highest-paid actor by Forbes, who also claims that the LA native received an undisclosed share of profits made in the last two films.

During his newfound fame at his Twilight career, Kristen Stewart also saw great success with other films she was happy to work on, including The Runaways, Adventureland, and Welcome to the Rileys.

In 2012, he starred in Snow White and the Huntsman, directed by Rupert Sanders – a man he allegedly shared a secret with when he fell in love with Pattinson.

I did not accept him. This is like a straightforward conversation. No, I didn’t accept him, “she told the Howard Stern Show in 2019. It looks like … You know, you’re playing with someone in public, it definitely looks like she did.”

Last year, Kristen Stewart was cast as Sabina Wilson on the Charlie’s Angels reboot, starring Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, and Elizabeth Banks. Although the film has been relatively successful in the box office, making $ 73 million with a $ 48 million budget, Stewart, according to Variety, still has a $ 7 million salary, which is clearly nowhere near the numbers he has made from Twilight but is still impressive.

Kristen Stewart is preparing for the upcoming release of his next film, Happiest Season, before filming his next project, Spencer, which is expected to enter the theater in 2021. 


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