Konosuba: When Can We Expect Season 3?


Konosuba is an anime series whose name is often on the lips of Isekai fans. Featuring many fantasy tropes and video game genres, the series has used this to its advantage and become a growing multimedia franchise. The most notable of these has been the anime series, which introduced many people to Konosuba from the beginning.

It’s been a few years since both the Konosuba anime and the continuation of the movie, but the third season or another similar sequel poem will soon be released. With that in mind, here’s something more about the franchise and how fans can expect to see Konosuba on the big or small screen.

When Will Season 3 Of Konosuba Be Released?

The Konosuba anime was hosted by Studio Deen and released in 2016, while Season 2 will be released shortly thereafter in 2017. However, the British did not liberate the West until 2019 and 2020. for the third season. This makes sense, to some extent, during the first two days of the release season as the first two seasons changed the first four volumes of light novels, and the fifth volume was completed only after the release of the second season.

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing in This Wonderful World! Legend of Crimson, a sequel to the anime film, also came out in 2019. This changed the fifth volume of bright novels, continued the story, and paved the way for the show to finally come back and finish translating the remaining 12 volumes. It has recently been confirmed that the new Konosuba anime project is now being implemented, although there is no official word on when it will release and what form it will take.

With the naming of a new “anime project”, it could be OVA, the third season, or another movie, which could be the one that officially closes the series of adaptations. The project will probably not be released until the end of next year soon, especially with anime production still affected by the global COVID-19 epidemic. This means that fans will have to read fiction or light novels in order to cut their taste for Konosuba more so far.

The Plot Of Konosuba

Konosuba, as you might expect from Isekai, begins by facing the death of leading figure Kazuma Sato, who is given the opportunity to be reborn in a world inspired by the MMORPGs. He chooses to do so and is accompanied by the goddess Aqua, who is said to be naturally virtuous. They form a team that will eventually be able to fight the evil Devil King, but Kazuma’s choice and ambitions reflect his desire to make a real new life in this new world.

This series is the production of Natsume Akatsuki, who started the series as a web novel before becoming a simple novel. The kind of simple Konosuba novel has many variations of the original plot variation, however. Those lasted 17 volumes, starting in 2013-20, while the spinoff backed by the Megumin team member had three volumes. Other bright novels, as well as manga adaptations, came out in the following years, with anime adaptation finally released in 2016.


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