Know About The Big Leap Tv Series Filming Locations

The Big Leap

‘The Big Leap’ is a comedy with a lovely foundation. Directed by Jason Winer, the series is set in a reality show that gives amateur dancers the opportunity to perform on television, as long as they do not master the old ballet ‘Swan Lake.’ The beautiful show aims to give the audience a fictional look behind the scenes looking at the lives of the participants, who are less fortunate, and bring their own legendary personalities into account.

The foundation is said to be inspired by the British documentary exhibition ‘Big Ballet’. The in-show program format creates an attractive clock and an exciting production game, with live workshops used to shoot parts of the written series.

The Big Leap Tv Series Filming Locations

The Big Leap show was filmed mainly in the studio but also uses many venues in Illinois. The driver’s episode was first recorded in December 2020 but was supposed to close that month due to a good Covid-19 case in the production team. The few remaining episodes were filmed in February 2021. The remaining production of the episodes reportedly started in July 2021 and will continue until October. 

Chicago, Illinois Location

The Big Leap production is based primarily on Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, located at 2621 West 15th Place in Chicago, Illinois. The center is one of the largest in the country and is spread over an area of ​​1.45 million square meters, consisting of more than 50 sound-free sections. It is home to the production of some famous Chicago shows such as Chicago P.D. and the ‘Chicago Fire,’ have used the facility since its inception.

The ballet-themed play, designed and written by Liz Heldens, is actually set up in Detroit, with many character repositories reflecting their origins of Motor City. However, as the show does not show much of the city itself, the production team is able to use Chicago and its film studios as an active stand-in.

Joliet, Illinois Location

The city of Joliet, located about 25 miles [40 km] southwest of Chicago in Will and Kendall Counties, Illinois, is also in use. Most notably, the driver’s episode records scenes at the Rialto Square Theater. The venue was first opened in 1926 and was considered one of the best in the country, often hosting music and playing live on stage and possibly giving ‘The Big Leap’ a lot of live charm to join. Rialto Square Theater is located at 102 North Chicago Street.


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