Know About Birds of Paradise Movie Filming Locations

Birds of Paradise

‘Birds of Paradise’ follows the journey of two dancers from a French high school ballet as they compete for the top prize of the institution a contract to join the elite company Opéra national de Paris. Through their struggles, the two ballerina find a deep connection with each other and find their friendship tested when they meet face to face, competing for the prize.

Directed by Sarah Adina Smith, the film is set in the middle of a difficult dance center and takes a closer look at the lives of ballerina women who are not only focused on their goals but also attacked by the spirits of life. Know about Birds of Paradise.

Birds of Paradise Movie Filming Locations

The ‘Birds of Paradise’ were completely recorded in Hungary. Production started in February 2020 but was interrupted by the Covid-19 epidemic the very next month. On March 12, production was suspended, and the cast and crew returned home. At the time, according to the director of the film, the group had a horrible idea six days from the wrap but had to stop production yet due to security issues.

Birds of Paradise, Re-recording resumed in Hungary in August and was finally completed on September 11, 2020. 

Budapest, Hungary Location

Although set in Paris, France, the movie was shot in full in Budapest, Hungary. The production is done here, most likely for budget reasons, and the fact that Budapest is known for its excellent vintage craftsmanship gave filmmakers ample choice of stunning backgrounds.

The recording was done mainly at Budapest’s Origo Studios, located in Budapest, Felsőkert line 9. This studio was the first in Europe to introduce anti-Covid policies and invested heavily in infrastructure to ensure the safety of actors and producers using the facility. . They also arrested local hospitals for treating infected workers.

Hungary is one of the fastest-growing countries. Supported by government efforts, filmmakers were returning to the country in the early summer of 2020 to resume their projects that had been disrupted by the epidemic. Other local studios are also quick to comply with the safety standards of Covid-19, and Origo Studios has reportedly set up their own private Covid testing laboratory in the area.

The recording of the ‘Birds of Paradise’ was therefore well completed, and it seems, despite the delays, without major problems. This is a real achievement, given that the epidemic was still raging in parts of the world at the time with evidence of staff resilience and the high standards of security provided by the Hungarian studio. Here are a few interesting shots behind the scenes of the recording process.


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