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Kim Kardashian, 40, has been widely criticized after joining supermodel Kate Moss and her teenage daughter Lila Grace on a trip to the Vatican on Monday. The real-looking star was photographed next to a 47-year-old British icon, with her 18-year-old daughter in the back of a car, where Kate had a quick cigarette.

Kim Kardashian Wearing A Sexy Outfit

With her release from the Vatican, Kim Kardashian avoided conservative clothing. The mother-in-law chose to wear a white dress over her shoulder when she visited the city, which is the official residence of the Pope of the Catholic Church. The Bardot style number that includes the figures had a design cut in the middle.

The founder of SKIMS has finished his look with white heels and upcoming sunglasses. There is a basic dress code that men and women should follow when visiting Vatican City.

Visitors should cover their knees and upper arms. They are forbidden to wear shorts or skirts above the knee, sleeveless tops, and low-cut shirts. Shoulders should also be covered and guests should be turned or advised to cover the shawl.

Online commentators have vented their anger on the internet – with more stories sharing when they were brought back. “I was denied entry to the Vatican because I had ripped my jeans off. Wtf is wearing it,” one person wrote online.

Why is Kim Kardashian wearing that to visit the Vatican? She needs to learn to be respectful, “added a moment. Kate has lost her beautiful iconic shape in my eyes. Kim’s clothes are as awesome for a visit to the Vatican. She’s not as respectful as she always is,” the third said.

Meanwhile, the manager of KKW Beauty was hit by a trolley after he openly admitted that there was a time when he was desperate for fame. The reality star made a confession during the program of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Final Curtain Part 1, which aired Thursday night on E!

The billionaire businessman has now admitted that he used to deliberately point out where the paparazzi were sleeping and do “anything” Kim Kardashian might draw attention to himself. Speaking about how he was accustomed to knowing the exact locations of the paparazzi he admitted: “I did not know exactly where they were if you wanted to be seen.”

However, unlike many other celebrities, the social media star insisted that Kim Kardashian never called them that.


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