Karine Staehle From 90 Day Fiancé Impresses Fans With Post-Baby Weight Loss

Karine Staehle
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Karine Staehle has impressed many 90 Day Fiancé fans with her weight-loss body after baby. Paul Staehle and Karine are some of the most controversial rivals in the franchise. They have seen more and more decline during their four years of marriage. When Karine became pregnant with her first child, Paul accused her of cheating. He said Karine Staehle talks to other people, and may not be the father of her child. Paul wanted to be present when the baby was born, but he also wanted to have his DNA tested. Eventually, the couple adopted their first son, Pierre, and became like Paul.

Karine Staehle Impresses Fans With Post-Baby Weight Loss

Despite having a troubled marriage, Paul told fans of 90 Day Fiancé in May 2020 that he was expecting a second child with his wife. The couple moved to Brazil and continued to share good family moments on social media. Karine Staehle enjoyed her pregnancy by dyeing her blue hair and getting some cosmetic procedures. In February 2021, the couple welcomed their second son, Ethan. Paul revealed that his son was born healthy and very quickly.

Karine Staehle and Paul then moved to the United States with their two sons, and the mother of two began working to reduce her weight after pregnancy. Paul posted a wonderful video of Karine’s run even when there was no light on the road. It looks like the former TLC star has now lost a lot of weight. Karine posted a photo on Instagram to show the new doll Paul gave her. But many viewers of the 90 Day Fiancé were surprised to see Karine’s body behind the baby. Within seven months, the Brazilian beauty gained her pre-pregnancy weight.

Karine Staehle looks gorgeous in her gray T-shirt and polka dot skirt. The fan complimented her, “Wow, you’ve lost weight baby … okay!” One fan asked in Portuguese, “Karine, you’re doing well !! How do you manage to lose weight for a baby?” Someone came in, “Can you give us a trick on how to lose weight? You look good.” Some fans couldn’t help but ask Karine about the results of her sons’ DNA tests. Karine did not answer curious fans’ questions.

But a new mother usually begins to lose weight within six weeks of pregnancy. It takes about six to twelve months for her to return to her original body. With a healthy diet and regular exercise, Karine was able to lose a baby’s weight and more in seven months. It is good to see that Karine puts her life first while caring for two children. With Paul recently posting Karine’s ovulation test on Instagram, it looks like the 90 Day Fiancé couple is already planning to have a third child.


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