Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 11 Release Date, Synopsis & Recap

Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 11

Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 11.” Kageki Shojo !! the Japanese manga anime series by Kumiko Saiki. Made serial like Kageki Shojo! in Shuen’s seinen manga magazine Jump Kai from 2012 to 2014 and was collected in two tankōbon volumes. It was later re-released as Kageki Shojo !! Season Zero, Kageki Shoujo !! Shīzun Zero) in one tankōbon volume by Hakusensha in March 2019. Saiki’s sequel manga has been featured in Hakusensha shōjo manga Melody magazine since 2015. The adaptation of the anime television series produced by Pine Jam began on July 4, 2021. Know about Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 11.

Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 11: Release Date

Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 11 will be released on September 12, 2021, at 12:00 AM in Japan on ATX Network, The next episode of Mageki Shojo will be on Sunday, and it will be the final episode of this anime. 

Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 11: Synopsis

“Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 11.’ Kageki Shojo reveals the story of the idols of Saras and Ai, who have recently joined Kouka Academy to achieve their dreams. Starting with Kagki Shojo’s latest episode, Akiha told readers that Summer Troupe had asked them to choose a successor. Some students wonder why they chose him “himself.” Students who have heard the rumors know who they are talking about, and some want to be sub, but some disagree with that view.

Akiha explains why they chose him because this is now their turn, and they are looking for someone from the 100th class. But they could pick up the best student in the class, and decide to try something new and fresh. Akiha revealed that she would rely on Sarasa Watanabe. Sarasa is surprised that they were talking about him, and he is new. Readers who are interested here are happy because Sarah always sheds light on her whereabouts. The other girls were not happy about Sarasa’s choice.

Ai wonders if Sarsa will be able to work with those who oppose the idea. The next day, Sarsa met two girls who greeted her and discussed the cleansing. Hijiri asks Sarasa if he will help with the cleaning. Sugimoto realizes that they are both here to bother Sarasa. Hijiri asks if they have met with the participants of the summer party. Sarasa responds by having their meeting with everyone who took part in the transfer race, with their main star being Roe Shiina. Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 11.

Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 10: Recap

In Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 10 is “A Once-in-a-Century Autumn” Hijiri talks about Akia Shion, and Jou Kisaragi asks if they said anything to Sarasa. Sarasa responds by being told he is tall, while Hijiri notes that Sarasa is known for his height. Sarasa is like a birdlime tree, and he would have chosen Narata instead of Sarasa. People love to see Narata on stage, and she will do an outstanding job. Hijiri added that he accepted that students should let the stars shine, and Sarasa should do his best to shine. Sarasa responds that he is working hard to achieve that. Sugimoto realizes that Hijiri is insulting Sarsa, indifferent, thinking it is a compliment.

Kageki Shojo

Hijiri notes that Sarasa does not understand what he is saying and decides to tell him without hitting the forest. He told Sara not to waste her time trying to shine like a star because the only people who will stand out are real members of Troupe. He hit Sarasa hard with words and left Sarasa and Shusimoto, but Sarasa took those words literally. Ai noticed this, and Sarsa locked herself in her room. Sarasa keeps thinking about what Hijiri told him.

Sarasa notes that the wise man once said not to think but to feel. He asks Ai about JPX and if he was nervous on stage. Ai asks him if he’s scared, and Sarasa agrees. Ai told him he was used to being scared on stage when he started, but he can get used to it. Sarasa realizes that he has to learn that before the Sports Festival. Ai tells the story of Romeo and Julies that happened during the summer, and she was part of the game. Later the Summer Festival begins, and Sarasa does a fine job. Kageki Shojo Season 1 Episode 11.


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