Jennifer Lopez, 52, Pretty Look In Strapless Gown – Photos

Jennifer Lopez
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Jennifer Lopez In Strapless Gown

Jennifer Lopez, 52, also came to commit suicide. The singer “Jenny From The Block” was stunned when she hit a beautiful cordless dress with the Italian luxury label Dolce & Gabbana on Saturday, September 111. Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing a bustier – with a large St. Campanile tower at Pizza San Marco – just outside the Venice gorge. The dress, apparently a celebration of the iconic Italian city, also features statues of St. Paul’s Basilica.

The New York native was shining as she created the storm, choosing to keep the front layers of his people pushed back on both sides of his head. She added a bright red pop, which looked really good as he would ride a dreamy solo gondola. At one point, she kept his eyes hidden behind the phone’s sunglasses. Remarkably, Jennifer Lopez was also present at the recent D&G event of the Venice Film Festival where she looked gorgeous in a green and floral cape.

The glam look came just a day after Jolo made her debut on the red carpet with a revived beauty of Ben Affleck, 49! The two looked very romantic as they came together to make the first game of Ben’s new flick The Last Duel, installing cameras and packing in a PDA. The media and fans shouted as the two got out of the car together, making their first appearance on the red carpet since 2003.

Jennifer Lopez paired Georges Hobeika’s bright white dress with beautiful crystal details and a skirt with high heels. Add silver earrings and a similar clutch to the look, as well as shiny diamond jewelry with French cartoon line Cartier. Meanwhile, Ben was wearing a black tuxedo and a bright white shirt. The Oscar winner was really brilliant as he laughed and smiled at the cameras, looking happier than ever!

While the stars have not yet been interviewed for their rekindled love, Jolo cleverly referred to the relationship while discussing the 19th anniversary of his album describing his work This Is Me… Then. “While listening to that [album] on so many different levels, those songs are still more important today than ever before,” he told Apple Music in July. Notably, the project includes several of Ben’s songs, including “Dear Ben,” I’m happy, “and two versions of” The One. ” “It was a real pure moment. And that music, when it’s important, doesn’t end… love, it just goes away. It’s just there,” he added.


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