Is The Stronghold Movie Based on a Real Story?

The Stronghold

 ‘The Stronghold’ (‘BAC Nord’) is a heartbreaking story that turns to an unexpected state as it backfires into action in the second half. The history of the film follows a group called the BAC as it tries to break into the ever-changing Marseille ghetto. Crime is rampant in these poor neighborhoods, and the police are working hard to curb corruption. As Greg, Yass, and Antoine enter the ghetto to discover a drug company, the scene becomes a real battlefield.

Despite their success in the project, the second half takes the place of the black, and the BAC team finds itself helpless. In stark contrast to the artistic feelings of the French Nouvelle Vague, a movie of police brutality is always beautiful and full of quick action as it reminds us of the American experience. The reality show makes the film engaging, but you may be wondering just how far the story has come from being a reality. know about The Stronghold movie.

Is The Stronghold a Real Story?

‘The Stronghold’ is based in part on a real story. Cédric Jimenez directed the movie from a script he wrote with his longtime colleague Audrey Diwan. Audrey also starred in the director’s previous films ‘The Man with the Iron Heart,’ ‘Paris Under Watch,’ and ‘The Connection.’ Therefore, the collaboration may have been seamless as they both knew their artistic potential.

Jimenez has a clear American perspective on cinema at first glance, but he touches his auteur brightly throughout the movie. The director is a follower of respected American directors such as Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma, Francis Ford Coppola, and Sergio Leone. He also takes his influence from Henri Verneuil and Jean-Pierre Melville, two of the maestros of French national cinema. However, the influences come together for the director and become his own, and his film sets him apart from others.

As a director, Jimenez often borrows from his Marseille roots, and in this movie, Marseille’s unstable Mediterranean coast lies in the middle of the building. The region portrayed in the film is also a hotbed of crime. After some investigation, we know that the case is based on a Marseille police scam that surfaced in October 2012.

The Stronghold


On suspicion of fraud and drug trafficking, 12 police officers were arrested – seven were detained, and five were granted temporary bail. Police were fired, the unit was shut down after they found dagga and extorted money from the anti-crime team’s office. Later, 18 others were arrested from the branch in the southern part of France, bringing the total to 30.

The scandal had a profound effect on the country and led to the complete reconstruction of the legal department. The story of the movie is fictional, and the names of the characters are also shown by the screenwriters. However, the continuation of the story reflects what happened in 2012. The Stronghold.


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