Is The Starling Movie Based on a Real Story?

The Starling

‘The Starling’ is ​​an emotional game that follows the couple’s journey as they try to recover from the tragic death of their young daughter. A year before the tragedy began, Jack was living in a mental institution, and his wife, Lilly, was trying to take care of their home while he waited for her husband to return. During this time, he is constantly harassed by a bird that lives in his garden until Lilly finally learns to accept the conflict and to live with a brave little star.

The film explores the loss of hope and highlights its message and the intricate relationships with the characters inside the bird. Know about The Starling movie.

Is The Starling a Real Story?

No, ‘The Starling’ is not based on a real story. Matt Harris first wrote the script and then translated it by contacting director Theodore Melfi, who changed the gender roles of the characters in the film. So, the film originally had Lilly’s character in a psychiatric ward while Jack’s character held the castle down at home.

The characters were sexually changed because Melfi pointed out a lot about the strong female character and said she felt strong for him. Additionally, she said that there were still a number of movies featuring men who were struggling with emotional problems, and she wanted the lead female actress to be powerful in transforming her film. He also wanted the story to be told mainly from a woman’s point of view.

Many themes are embedded in the film as it explores the interplay of relationships and tragedy. There is a low voice of hope, which is seen by middle-aged couples struggling to save their relationship even though things seem hopeless. This feeling of hope is one of the key elements Melfi wanted to convey to his audience through his film. The fact that this bird, no doubt one of the main characters in the film, is also tolerant and surviving even though it is almost killed by Lilly, reinforces and feelings of hope.

In fact, this bird, which is also the name of The Starling movie, offers many The Starling film themes. The unchanging nature of the star followed by the star as it protects its offspring is like the cycle of emotions that Lilly and Jack experienced after their tragedy. In a broad sense, it also reflects the ongoing cycle of emotions that we all go through, whether we like it or not, and adhering to one feeling is impossible.

The theme of creation and its irresistible effects on humans is also a feature that Harris explores in depth in the film. This is because he has chosen to focus on the issue around middle-aged couples rather than teenagers. After the loss of their child, the young couple may have had a better chance of surviving the tragedy and of putting their lives back on track. However, middle-aged couples like Lilly and Jack, who may not have another child, will find it very difficult to survive the tragedy of losing their only child.

So, the disasters that nature puts in our way, and how we should adapt to them, is what ‘The Starling’ basically explores. With it, the author and director deliver a message of hope and unity by showing the middle characters begin to put their lives back on track after the catastrophic catastrophe. The closing scene, in which Jack and Lilly endured the bird’s attack to select a product from their garden, perhaps with the last name puts the title of The Starling film on learning to live with our problems and tragedies. 


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