Is The Old Ways Based on A True Horror Story?

The Old Ways

The Old Ways’ is partly a bruja exorcism horror, a game of family reunion, which is part of a conspiracy story. The story follows Mexican and American journalist Cristina Lopez, who is returning to her forgotten hometown in search of a lost culture.

However, after a visit to the caves of La Boca, which is suspected to have been attacked, he is kept in custody by a local burglar and his son, as locals think he has a demonic spirit. The demon manifests itself in many ways, and the idea of ​​bloody things coming out of your stomach will never leave your head. However, if you want to know that the myth of a skeptical journalist who becomes a believer is based on fact, Know about The Old Ways movie.

Is The Old Ways A True Horror Story?

No, ‘The Old Ways’ is not based on fact. However, the death of old traditions and customs is a global phenomenon in a modern technological civilization, so the essence reaches global significance. Christopher Alender directed the movie in a text written by Marcos Gabriel. The story is about the roots – and no wonder that to create the bones of the story, Gabriel was inspired by his Puerto Rican roots. The screenwriter has taken most of the film’s fairy tales to the stories he heard in childhood from his mother and grandmother. The Old Ways.

Gabriel’s mother told him the story of a bruja visiting their house to perform a spiritistic ritual. Gabriel’s mother was only ten years old when Bruja began her father’s treatment. Shockingly, Gabriel was born and raised in a strong Catholic environment.

They were not allowed to perform such rituals within Catholicism, but the proliferation of bruja practices revealed something about the interconnectedness of cultures in the region. Gabriel loves ghost movies, but he thought of writing a text with a different cultural perspective. In stark contrast with conventional ghost movies, the story is told in the first person, adding an extra dimension to The Old Ways story.


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Gabriel removed all the featured images from these often-featured movies – such as pentagrams and crosses – and added traditional symbols and customs. A deliberate scenario creates an earthly aura around the story. The correction process was for the Alender type of archaeological test. Alender and Gabriel went deep into the internet to learn more about ancient customs and traditions. Other surgery and cleansing techniques, therefore, can be found on Google or YouTube. However, the preparation was not determined from the start.

Alender did some research to put the movie in a position that would be culturally attractive and visually appealing. After much deliberation, they chose Veracruz, Mexico, because of the region’s cultural diversity. Puerto Rico naturally has a strong Afro Caribbean influence, while Veracruz also has some mysterious Caribbean influence. In pre-Spanish times, the empire was inhabited by four indigenous cultures – the Huastecos and Otomíes in the north, the Totonacas in the north-central region, and the ancient Olmecs in the south.


Anthropologists consider Olmec to be the mother tradition in many Mesoamerican societies. The Huastecos also resembled the southern Maya language and culture, and their agricultural practices were similar. This civilization was gradually replaced by the Aztecs and the Spanish Catholics. Since the discovery of the port city by Hernán Cortés in 1519, the city of Veracruz served as an important entry point for the colonies.

The Spanish name Vera Cruz translates into English as “True Cross,” which is another name for the Christian holiday Good Friday. The name itself indicates the Catholic roots rooted in this area. And a certain community in Catemaco, Cristina’s hometown in The Old Ways movie, is known as the capital of witchcraft in Mexico. Magic and sorcery are woven in a circular pattern in the local culture of Catemaco. Eclectic traditions originated directly in the integration of Catholic and pre-Spanish customs, especially the Olmecs. So, even though The Old Ways story itself is a fake one, it sits on solid grounds.


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