The Lincoln Lawyer

‘The Lincoln Lawyer reinstates lawyer Mickey Haller in office after recovering from drug abuse. Known for his behavior on the trip – often following his Lincoln – Mickey picks up defendants with very serious charges and somehow manages to twist them.

Season 1 of the Netflix series focuses on the murder of a wealthy woman. Despite the distortion of the narrative structure, the story remains stable to make them feel convinced. We checked to see how much ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ was based on reality and whether Mickey Haller was based on a real person.

The Lincoln Lawyer Is A Real Story?

No, The Lincoln Lawyer is not based on fact. Created by David E. Kelley, a series from the 2008 novel entitled ‘The Brass Decision’ by author Michael Connelly.

The book is part of a series of crime-based novels written by LAPD investigator Harry Bosch and lawyer Michael “Mickey” Haller. The 16th author’s novel, presented by Haller and titled ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ was made into a 2011 film with the same title as Matthew McConaughey.

Aside from the fictional nature of the news, Connelly also takes to the great real-world sources for inspiration. The author has spent more than a decade as a police journalist, spending time with the Los Angeles Times.

Therefore, his previous novels focused heavily on Detective Bosch and on policy-focused issues. However, the author has also long since taken lawyers who risked their lives for the sake of justice. While writing Harry Bosch’s novels, Connelly began researching the legal and judicial aspects of things.

The journalist’s longtime friend, Dan Daly, who was deeply involved in crime prevention, provided Connelly with more information about how the legal world works.

Daly and his friend, Roger Mills, provided the author with many sad stories about cases, lawyers, and dramatic events in the world of criminal justice, which later inspired many of the stories of the legendary lawyer Michael Haller. After three years of research, Connelly published her first letter with a lawyer.

In fact, one of Daly’s quotes – “No client is as bad as an innocent man” – has been the gist of the book. Thus, Connelly comes from other real-life sources who have spent years defending crime, giving her enough factual information.

However, the episodes and characters are a myth. The next Netflix show based on novels is also, therefore, a myth. Now, the show’s central character has an interesting background to watch.


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