Is The Comey Rule Based on a Real Story?

Comey Rule

Comey Rule is a political drama set in the White House. The two-member services are following in the footsteps of the FBI chief, James Comey, as he leads a separate investigation into competing rivals in the election year. The main character of the series was then attacked by both political parties as he and his party tried to deal with the results of their investigation, which could affect the outcome of the election.

The account also goes into Comey’s interaction with the incumbent president as it reveals in detail the difficulties that occur in secrecy in the country’s highest political office. The show has the spirit of a historical political narrative,  Let’s see real facts about Comey Rule’s story.

Is The Comey Rule Based on a Real Story?

Yes, the Comey Rule is based on fact. The works, directed by Billy Ray, are based on the 2018 theme of ‘Higher Integrity: Truth, Lies, and Leadership’ by former FBI director James Comey, who worked under President Donald Trump before being publicly ousted in May 2017. The Letter was translated on screen by Ray, who had several meetings and Comey as part of the process.

The report discusses two FBI investigations under Comey’s leadership – which looked at Hillary Clinton’s emails and one that linked potential links between President Donald Trump’s campaign to Russian actors. In fact, Comey was under a lot of pressure from the left and right sides of the political party over a proper investigation in the 2016 election year.

To prepare for the series, Ray spent time in Washington with many people who participated or witnessed the events. Although he had had many conversations with Comey, who was also allowed to see the text and the first cut of the series, Ray spoke to skeptics about the former FBI boss. The director of the series shed light on Comey’s real role in making the show. “We took a lot of bullets to the boy, and Comey himself did not complain. I always felt like we were telling the truth, ”said Ray.

While many people say the show is “a love letter to Comey,” Ray stressed, “This is not an apology for Comey, this series. This is a test of the decisions taken in 2016 and 2017 that have changed the world. “The show explores Comy’s time during Trump’s presidency and his interactions with the then-president. Well-known scenarios, such as their handshake when Trump whispered in the ear of the FBI director at the time, were also carefully crafted.

Interestingly, the director made the Irish actor Brendan Gleeson portray Trump as he allegedly liked the idea of ​​someone from outside the American experience borrowing their opinion about the Trump character. British actor Kingsley Ben-Adir writing about the role of President Barack Obama may have had similar thoughts behind it.

Comey Rule also makes extensive use of topics ranging from the era of collective political instability, giving the series a very high sense of truth. It points to Russian interference in the election by showing two Russians celebrating but not clearly showing the case. As a matter of fact, the show is a collection of facts that show a very complex and chaotic system at work.

According to Ray, Comey Rule, the story of what happened actually does not need to be embellished with lies because it was oppressive and powerful in its own right. If handled properly, the director explained that the story is disturbing but also bizarre in the end. Being a focused character and author of a sourcebook, Comey lives in the center of the narrative. So, while the show is actually based, it also relies on the opinion of someone else (Comey). This is something they should keep in mind for those who watch it to find out what really happened.


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