Is Safe House Movie Based on a Real Story?

Safe House

Safe House.” Swedish filmmaker Daniel Espinosa presents an intriguing tale for the 2012 CIA play ‘Safe House.’ The story revolves around Matt Weston; A low-level CIA official who is involved in a housing project in Cape Town. Next, however, comes a compelling case that could change Matt’s life. A group of CIA agents is delivering a package to a titular safe house where Matt works – and the package contains a CIA agent who has turned into a wanted criminal Tobin Frost.

At first, Matt believes the story that the CIA feeds him, but looking at the mayhem, Matt realizes that Tobin Frost is not the person they claim to be. Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds made significant progress with the power of a friendly police officer. However, you may wonder if there is any real grain in this conspiracy game. Know about the Safe House movie story.

Is Safe House a Real Story?

No, the ‘Safe House’ is not based on a real story. While the flexibility within the cast ensemble made the movie a reality, the CIA turned out to be an international criminal Tobin Frost is actually a fictional character designed for the film. Swedish filmmaker Daniel Espinosa directed the film with a script written by David Guggenheim. Guggenheim wrote this article while in charge of the day’s work as an editor at US US Weekly. ’The screenplay ended in 2010, and was featured on the 2010 Blacklist – a list of the most unpopular texts not created. The movie, however, did not release until 2012.

But taking the trouble seemed justified, as the film became the biggest flick ever made by a Swedish director. The story was originally set up in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, but safety concerns prevented them from recording the scene. They thought of Argentina as an alternative but eventually decided to set up a movie in South Africa.

The circuit was covered with the story, and most of the shooting was done in real places and not in studio setups. The decision of the director and his team to lend the movie an undeniable authenticity while showcasing a healthy regional culture. Safe House.

Tobin Frost creates a detour at Cape Town Stadium in an unforgettable sequence and escapes to Matt’s cell. The scenes were filmed during a football match between Orlando Pirates FC and Ajax Cape Town. While speaking to police at the stadium, Ryan Reynolds uses Afrikaans, which adds another facet to the story.

Afrikaans is the Creole language that grew up under colonialism in the southern African region. Today, Afrikaans is the official language of the country. Therefore, making the Reynolds character speak Afrikaans shows the attention of the screenwriter in detail.

Making history in war order was extremely difficult. The director and his team are reportedly encouraged to follow the action sequence from the action-packed 2008 action play “Taken.” The first series was also inspired by John Sturges ‘Second World War movie’ The Great Escape. ‘On the stage, Matt throws the ball out of the wall, probably out of boredom, like the character Hilts (Steve McQueen plays a certain debonair) in a previous movie. In addition to the grand cast of actors, Robert Patrick introduced the influential play in the role of Daniel Kiefer.

By acknowledging Patrick’s terrifying character in ‘Terminator 2: Day Judgment,’ the director made him get out of the elevator the way he did in the T-1000’s shadow role. The situation of waterboarding is another memorable sequence at the beginning of the movie. Denzel Washington did not use duplicates in these scenes – in fact, he had no water. However, he was only immersed in water for a few seconds with each shot to avoid health risks. Other CIA procedures and procedures shown in the movie are also kept to reality. So, when you consider it all, the film is really well-established, even if its size is false. Safe House.


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